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Attachment 101 (with @attachmentnerd Eli Harwood) #013

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This episode promises to enrich your parenting toolkit with the insightful wisdom of Eli Harwood (@attachmentnerd), a seasoned therapist and mother of three, who joins me to unravel the complexities of creating secure attachments with our kids. Together, we walk you through the transformative journey of recognizing and meeting the emotional needs of your little ones, while also acknowledging the importance of addressing our own unhealed wounds to prevent passing on insecurities.

We talk:

  • "Three steps" to secure attachment
  • How to identify attachment in kids 
  • How to connect deeply in a few minutes a day

This conversation sheds light on the symphony of synchronicity, where each shared moment of joy and curiosity lays another brick in the foundation of a lasting bond. We discuss the poignant idea of 'withness' and how being emotionally present during the highs and lows of your child's life can create a deep-seated sense of security. As we share  personal experiences, we celebrate the diversity of attachment-rich play and emphasize the supportive role a community plays in extending this security beyond the immediate family.

Navigating the ebbs and flows of parenting, we close with an exploration of the potent role of conflict and vulnerability in strengthening our connections with our children. 

Eli discusses how therapy work has shifted her perspective from viewing discord as a source of anxiety to seeing it as a gateway to intimacy and growth. This episode invites you to consider the ways in which we can provide our children with a legacy of secure attachment by being emotionally grounded, available, and receptive to their needs. 

So, join us as we guide you through the dance of parenting, equipping you with the insights to ensure your children feel nothing but love and stability in your embrace.

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