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53: "You can't be considered the best if you don't drop for 5 years!" - How Much Time Should Artists Leave Between Albums?

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This week we take a deep-dive into the age-old question of how much time artists should leave between albums. Are there any exceptions? Is the time given different between genres? Tune in to find out!


(00:00) Intro

(00:58) Spotlight Series #53: Graft

(06:05) Jon’s apology letter

(07:57) ENNY X Odeal - Bernie Mac

(12:35) JD’s Champion’s League of Everything

(32:00) Intro to discussion

(34:29) Why aren’t people content waiting 2-3 years?

(39:53) The UK culture surround album cycles

(45:23) Examples of those who drop too often or too little

(56:59) Does too often reduce the quality? Does the opposite make you out of touch?

(01:06:05) Expectations for singers compared to rappers

(01:15:12) Grace period after critically acclaimed albums

(01:19:03) How long is too long?

(01:22:37) Closing, Now and Then

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    This week we review Young Thug’s latest studio album ‘Punk’ and discuss the album highs and lows along with how the theme carries through. (00:00) Intro, Spotlight Artist #56: LOONY (07:32) Saba’s new single “Fearmonger” (10:23) Freddie Gibbs’ producer list for upcoming album (12:00) Arcane (League of Legends) tracklist (14:12) Smokin’ Out The Window (17:04) Terrace Martin’s “DRONES” album (19:31) Kanye’s Drink Champs episode/ Jay Prince apology(?) (23:33) ASTROWORLD festival (30:55) Intro to Punk conversation  (38:16) Rollout, Title and Cover Art (47:38)  Bubbly
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