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348 Gabrielle Stone - Learn to Create a "Self-Love Cocktail" and More

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Today I’m sharing an interview with Gabrielle Stone. She’s an actress, podcaster, director, and best-selling author of two books: Eat, Pray, FML, and her newest book, The Ridiculous Misadventures of a Single Girl. We have a long conversation about love, loss, and self-love, and Gabrielle shares the compelling story of how she moved on from being cheated on by her husband of two years to arrive where she is today.

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  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    358 Context or Convincing? (Learn the difference!)


    When you have to say no to someone, do you feel compelled to give them a long explanation of why you are saying no, or do you find yourself defending your right to say no?  How often do you find yourself building a case to convince the people in your life that you’re doing the right thing? When you make a choice do you want everyone to approve of your decision? If you're nodding your head, then this episode is for you. There is an important difference between convincing and providing context when it comes to communicating our boundaries and preferences.  In this episode, I'm breaking it all down for you, because the bottom line is:  You don’t have to convince anyone of anything.  Find the show notes for today's episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    357 Elizabeth Earnshaw - Making Relationships Work


    Today I’m sharing a chat with my friend Elizabeth Earnshaw, licensed marriage and family therapist and director of A Better Life Therapy, LLC. She shares her thoughts about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted different types of relationships, gives tips for starting difficult conversations with your partner, and explains the importance of rituals in building reliability in your relationship. Plus, I ask her about the inspiration behind her brand new book I Want This to Work: An Inclusive Guide to Navigating the Most Difficult Relationship Issues We Face in the Modern Age. Find the show notes for today’s episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

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  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    356 When + How to Fight


    If something is really important to you, can you go to the mat for it? Do you know how to negotiate and stand up for what you want? Or do you avoid the conflict and potentially end up living with regrets? Knowing when and how to fight fair for what you want is part of being a boundary boss and essential to living your most satisfying, self-determined life!  That’s why in today's episode, I'm walking you through how to pick your battles wisely, how to stand your ground, and how to negotiate like a pro.  Find the show notes for today’s episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    355 Dr. Alexandra Solomon - Love and Self-Reflection


    Today I’m sharing a chat with my friend Dr. Alexandra Solomon, who is a clinical psychologist at northwestern university and expert in relational self-awareness. We talk about love, self-reflection, monogamy, and how the field of relationship psychology has changed in the last 25 years, as well as sharing our own experiences with self-awareness in our intimate relationships. I hope you enjoy listening to this interview with Alexandra as much as I enjoyed interviewing her! Read the show notes for today's episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    354 Ten Signs You're Suppressing Your Anger


    When you're upset with someone about something, do you: Say nothing, but silently keep score? Talk to other people about it? Ice the person out? Send them a passive-aggressive or sarcastic text?  If any of those rang a bell, you are not alone which is why in this week’s episode, I’m breaking down the top 10 indicators that you might be suppressing and/or unconsciously repressing your anger.  Raising your awareness around when you might be acting out feelings of frustration or anger is the first step to expressing yourself in a healthier way. I promise you, learning these skills will improve all of your relationships, including the one you have with yourself.  Find the shownotes for today's episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    353 Danielle LaPorte - Real Talk About Real Love


    Today I'm bringing back an old episode by popular demand, a girlfriend jam with Danielle LaPorte! Danielle is the creator of The Desire Map series, “A heart centered approach to finding your true power”. She’s also the author of White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path, and The Fire Starter Sessions: A guide to creating success on your own terms, which also spun off into a coaching curriculum. Named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes, over 5 million people a month visit for her regular #Truthbombs and poetry. Danielle's website has been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.” Marianne Williamson refers to Danielle “as a bright light in the modern priestesshood.”On today's show, we talk about finding real love, getting honest about secondary gain, letting go of the past, and much more.Find the show notes for today's episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    352 Epic Relationship Infrastructure


    Do you think epic love is random?  Is it just a twist of fate for people in the right place at the right time?  Is real love only for the lucky?  The short answer to all of these q’s is...nope.  In this episode, I am teaching you how you can build a rock-solid foundation and infrastructure for a lasting, vibrant, EPIC love relationship. Find the show notes for today's episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    351 Anna Goldstein - How to Be Bold


    Would you like to be more self-assured? You aren’t alone: So many of us want to live our lives with more confidence and less fear. Today’s guest, my long-time friend Anna Goldstein, has some tips. Anna is a certified life and business coach who tells it like it is, and she is going to share steps you can take today to dial into the part of you that is already more confident. Plus, she shares her own lifelong journey building self-confidence and how it inspired her to write her book Be Bold: A Guide to Unbreakable Confidence. Find the show notes for today's episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    350 Decode + Deactivate Jealousy


    Are you ever tempted to look at your partner’s phone? Or if you’re dating someone new… do you ever feel an urge to peruse social media for a glimpse of their ex? Jealousy is normal...but only to a degree. If you or your partner’s green-eyed monster is rearing its head a little too often, then this week’s episode is for you.  I’m going to break down the differences between normal and extreme jealousy and help you locate the origin of a jealous streak so you can decode it, deactivate it, and move into more healthy ways of relating. Learn more about today's episode at
  • The Terri Cole Show podcast

    349 Codependency: From Confusion to Clarity


    Are you confused about what it means to be codependent? Do you ever wonder what codependency looks like in practice? If you’re nodding your head yes, that’s understandable. In my experience, there is often confusion around the topic of codependency, with a ton of misconceptions and a plethora of myths clouding up what it looks like in real life.  In today’s episode, I’m delivering rock-solid clarity about what codependency is by showing you what it’s not. Ready for some major myth-busting?! Let’s go! Find the show notes for today's episode at

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