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The Teen Life Coach Instagram: Like many young girls, I struggled to find myself, dealt with anxiety, and constantly compared myself to others. As a Life Coach, my mission is to help guide other girls in developing confidence and facing their fears.

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  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    138: Celebrating You in 2021


    Goals are trendy in the new year, but sometimes we just don't feel like setting goals! Here's what I think is WAY more important than setting any goals.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    137: Cheerfulness


    We all have those days or weeks when we just feel grumpy. Today on the podcast let's talk about what the purpose of being cheerful is, and who it really benefits.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

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  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    Holiday Stress


    Holidays are great, but also stressful. Along with the Holidays comes being with people in their homes and in your home. Today's podcast is about the most common reason teens feel stressed around the Holidays.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    135: The Truth About Being Smart


    Do you feel like everyone around you is smarter than you? Being smart may not mean what you think it means.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    134: When Your Friends Don't Notice You are Sad


    When we feel sad we want our friends to notice our sadness and make us feel better. Often times friends don't make us feel better, and then we end up double sad! This week's episode we talk about why our friends don't need to make us feel better when we feel sad.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    133: Getting Along with Parents


    Parent-teen relationships can be hard to navigate most days! On this episode I discuss one way teens can get along better with parents.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    132: The Biggest Cause of Teen Depression


    There are many factors that can cause depression in the teen years. Feeling better always starts with awareness of what the actual problem is so that we can fix it. This week's episode is all about one of the biggest reasons WHY you may be feeling sad or depressed.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    131: Having Trouble Falling Asleep?


    Sometimes even if we are exhausted, it is still hard to fall asleep when you have anxiety or stress. Luckily, there are some things you can do to incorporate into your nightly routine and help your mind relax from all the worry thoughts it wants to think about.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    130: How To Get More Sleep


    Teens know they are not getting enough sleep, and they wish they could get more. With busy schedules and the demands of today's teen, I share some tips on how you can get more sleep.
  • The Teen Life Coach podcast

    129: Feeling Trapped


    Anybody hate the feeling of trapped? Feeling trapped is one of those feelings that creates lots of rebellion in our teens. Today I talk about why we feel trapped and what we can do when the adults in our lives have expectations of us that we have to meet.

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