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Rhea Freeman

Do you want to promote your small business better? Are you an influencer looking to be sponsored or to become a brand ambassador? Are you a business or influencer looking to nail your social media? Work with magazines? Feature on websites? Understand the value of photography, PR, content marketing, and so much more in your business? You've come to the right place. Each week, social media and marketing expert Rhea Freeman shares tips, tricks, new developments, real life experiences and proven strategies to help you promote your business, brand or self better. As a social media consultant with years of PR, marketing, content and social media experience in the equestrian and country industry, Rhea shares her tried and tested strategies that you can implement NOW and make a difference to what you're doing. And there's a special guest every other week too giving a different perspective and their top tips.

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  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Making you part of the brand, with Samantha Brooke from Waring Brooke


    Waring Brooke is a young British knitwear brand, founded by Samatha Brooke, that has become a firm favourite in recent years. But Waring Brooke is far from an overnight success, this is the second version of the brand that has so many important values at its heart. Samantha shares how she found knitwear from art, what the first version of Waring Brooke looked like, why being sustainable and British is really important, and how Waring Brooke and its ability to create unique, monogrammed accessories allows customers to become part of the brand. In fact, their initials can be knitted into the socks, snoods, headbands and more that are available. This is a really fab listen about all things Waring Brooke and how Samantha is a lady of many, many talents. 
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Do you enjoy public speaking?


    The thought of public speaking strikes fear into the heart of many a brave business owner... and I was the same until a few years ago. But in just two days time, I'm speaking at the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs, and I don't feel scared at all. I feel excited. But it wasn't always that way. Don't worry, this isn't a podcast all about what a great public speaker I am- that would be a rubbish listen (and I can always improve!), but as I know this is such an issue for so many, I wanted to share a little about how I overcame my real fears about it. The thing is, public speaking and sharing your message can be great for the people listening and you as a brand too. Meaning that if you can work on how you feel about it, it could reap huge rewards for all concerned. This is what I did. I'm not saying it was conventional or that you should try it too, but it definitely worked for me.
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

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  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Blazing a trail and being a female knight with Kelly Ude-Martinez


    The Knights of Middle England take part in lots of shows each year, but what's slightly unusual about these knights is that one of them is female... and she's called Kelly Ude-Martinez! This week, we chat about being a female knight, horseback archery, all the adrenaline, the tough times of 2020, and a bumper 2021. Kelly has been involved with and loved horses for as long as she can remember- starting off down the slightly more conventional eventing path, before finding a love for polo. Polo led Kelly to the Knights of Middle England- a company that combined her loves of horses and performance- and a job as a knight, a teacher, a performer, and provided the chance to inspire lots of little girls too. In 2020, the company's entire show season was cancelled due to covid, and with the teaching revenues hit too, Kelly also shares what it was like getting through those times when there were still a lot of mouths to feed and no income.
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    It's (not quite) Christmas!


    I know, I know, it's only October, but Christmas IS coming, and for small businesses, it's very much here now! For small businesses, now is the time to get all your Christmas ducks (maybe turkeys?!) in a row. For brand ambassadors and sponsored people, now's the time to be reaching out the brands you work with and asking them about their Christmas campaigns and how you can help. And for consumers and fans, I share lots of ways you can help the brands you love have a better Christmas, and most of them are completely free for you to do! As always, if you tune in, please do screenshot and share to Stories. And please, please consider implementing some/all of the above, whether you're a brand, an influencer or a buyer. It could make a huge difference.
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Custom-made country clothing with Tamsin Sprawling of Sprawling & Osborne


    Tamsin Sprawling launched Sprawling & Osborne in 2019, originally to find a use for deer hide, something that is often unused when the animal is eaten. This desire for sustainability in country clothing grew from stunning boot tassels made from cowhide into an entire range of UK made clothing. Tasmin now designs a range of country clothing made using sustainable materials, cut and sewn in the UK, on a made to order basis. Not only does this approach reduce waste, but it also means that bespoke pieces can be created to perfectly fit everyone. On today's podcast, Tamsin shares how she grew her business, why it started, where it is now, and what's to come in the future for this young, British business.
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Should you start a podcast?


    According to a few different sources, there are over two million podcasts in existence at the moment. But should you start one? On this episode, I share what rocks and sucks, what's a yay and a nay, about creating and producing a podcast. As with any form of content creation, there's a time commitment and potentially a financial commitment too, and as with so many things, it's unlikely to be an overnight success. BUT with persistence, dedication, and passion, having your own podcast can reap huge rewards. And not just in the ways you'd think! . 
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Career ending injuries, challenges, charity and being Claire Lomas MBE


    Claire Lomas MBE is a truly incredible lady. After a freak eventing accident in 2007, Claire became paralysed from the chest down, ending her eventing dreams and career as a chiropractor. Claire endured incredibly dark times following her injury, but she's gone on to do some truly amazing things since! Not only has Claire been awarded an MBE, she lit the Paralympic cauldron in 2012, and has raised over £800k for charity by undertaking challenges such as walking the London Marathon in a robotic suit, handcycling around the UK and more.  Claire has also written a book about her journey (actually, she's written two but the second is yet to be released!), now works as an inspirational speaker and fundraiser with her goal firmly set on raising one million pounds for charity, to help cure paralysis.  Here, she tells us all about everything!
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Where should I be?


    Have you ever asked yourself where you should be? Not geographically, but more on social media?! With so many social media platforms available today, it can be incredibly hard to work out where you need to be, to deliver the maximum return on your effort. Being overwhelmed by all the things can lead to a lack of impact which, when you're trying to be in all the places, and you're doing a lot of work, is more than a little galling. Hopefully, this podcast will help. On this episode, I take a look at different ways to work out where you could be, and where your audience are. I also explore different content types, and how to get the info you need to make those decisions. I hope it helps!  
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    Ice cream, cows, a cafe opening and more with Stef Bennett from Bennetts Willow Farm


    2021 has been a busy year for many, and Stef Bennett, the lady behind @wife_onthe_farm on Instagram, Bennetts Willow Barn and Bennetts milk round would definitely agree. Not only have Stef and her husband opened a new cafe on the family farm in Worcester, they've also welcomed a third child to the family (a month before the cafe opened!), grown the milk round that started during Covid, and continued to grow their glamping business too. On this episode of the podcast, Stef talks all about her journey from solicitor to small business owner, farm diversification, ice cream, juggling mum life and work life... and a very special event that's happening in September with me- Social Sessions- which combines social media workshops with chat, cake, and a whole lot more too.
  • The Small & Supercharged Podcast podcast

    6* features you might not know Instagram has...


    We all know social media gets a lot of stick around trolling and negativity, but did you know that some platforms have various controls to help you take the power back? On this episode of the podcast I share some of the features inside Instagram's settings to help you have more control over your negative interactions with people on Instagram. We all know that not everyone who uses social media is a 'nice' person- and we know that trolling, threatening behaviour and general negativity absolutely exist. Whilst we might not be able to prevent anything negative ever coming our way, there's a lot available, inside the app, inside Settings, that you can use to help stop a lot of it ever entering your DMs or clogging up your comments.  * It could well be more than six... I lost count!

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