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S4 Ep9: Madadh MacLaine, Founder and CEO, Zero Emissions Maritime Technology Ltd (ZEM-Tech)

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This week’s podcast guest is Madadh MacLaine, the Founder and CEO of Zero Emissions Maritime Technology Ltd (ZEM-Tech) and Secretary-General of the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs), which was recently granted consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The IMO recognises that 15% of GHG emissions from international shipping result from vessels under 5,000 GT, and Madadh believes that the IMO and EU must include such vessels in environmental legislation, as excluding them is a wasted opportunity and lack of policy is a key barrier to action. With only seven years to 2030, she believes that we should focus on where we can reduce emissions right now to keep shipping in line with 1.5ºC of warming.

Madadh also highlights that the zero-emission fuel supply chain needs to start small and build out, and that finance is ready to back a swathe of new investment but needs assurance from policy makers to trigger upscaling.

Madadh is also co-founder of the International Windships Association (IWSA), as well as Founder Director of the sustainable development NGO, Fair Winds Trust. She has a background in hydrogen water electrolysis and maritime systems, having represented ITM Power plc in the maritime industry.

She has been working in zero-emissions shipping since she began designs for a zero-emission multi-access cargo ship in 2000. Frustrated by the lack of available technology, she set off on a course to bring zero emission ship technology to the market.

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