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S4 Ep11: Gina Panayiotou, ESG Manager, West P&I

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This week, contributing editor Mark Williams is in conversation with Gina Panayiotou, an ESG strategist with a background in maritime law and an MBA focused on change management and ethical leadership. They discuss where decarbonisation sits within an overall ESG strategy as well as the role of P&I clubs in supporting this agenda.
Gina has held senior roles, mainly within shipowning organisations, and is the founder of consultancy firm Oceans Arena, aimed at leading industry stakeholders through their ESG journey, from strategy formulation to brand positioning. Gina has also acted as a Communications Consultant of the IMO-UNEP-Norway Innovation Forum. She currently leads the global ESG strategy at West of England P&I Club.
Based in London, she is the UK Chair of the G100 Network Sustainable Brand Creation & Marketing, the Secretary of WISTA UK and the Co-Chair of the WISTA International Environment Committee, while she also supports the World Ocean Council as an Associate o

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