The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

The Plant Sumo Podcast

Rachael Brown

Hi! I'm Rachael, someone who is passionate about plant-based food. Come on a journey with me as I interview influential vegan athletes, bloggers, public speakers, Instagrammers and travellers about the issues surrounding veganism today! and all the amazing and delicious plant-based options out there 🤩

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  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode Eight: Cece, Aka PlantBasedBaeUK


    Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Plant Sumo Podcast   This week I chat with Cece!! Also known as PlantBasedBaeUK 🤩  Cece is a plant-based health coach, Dripset UK fitness instructor and all-around inspirational person whose platform is focused on uplifting and empowering people, especially women, to reach their health goals and embrace self-love. 😍   Cece was a lovely, charismatic guest to have on, and we discussed a total range of topics from self-love food and fitness to identity labels to our favourite kinds of music.  Speaking of music, you should 100% check out the work she has done to hip-hop with Dripset here and of please go support her and the fantastic work she is doing on Instagram!!! by clicking here.
  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode Seven: Meg, AKA, PoorLondonVegan


    Hey Everyone!  On Today's podcast, I chat with Meg, who runs the insanely popular Instagram account PoorLondonVegan.  We discuss her platform, her love of veggie tray bakes, the responsibility of online creators to support influential political causes and hear her pick up (LIVE) an unexpected delivery.....haul moment? Meg was a fantastic guest, hilarious, friendly and deeply thoughtful and intelligent. Go check out her Instagram to give her some love and support!! 🥰 And go check out Plant Sumo if you're a Londoner, to get your own delicious and nutritious plant-based meals delivered directly to your door!
  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

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  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode Six- Wendy Werneth, AKA The Nomadic Vegan


    Hi Everyone!! Im chatting this episode with Wendy- The Nomadic Vegan- a woman who has travelled to over 116 countries!! From Japan to India to Morocco to Russia, all while living a plant-based lifestyle.  We discuss, naturally her amazing adventures abroad and all the wonderful vegan options she has tried! On top of that you will hear about her personal journey to Veganism, how much we both love Ethiopian food, and how due to the Covid-19 Pandemic most of us have become 'digital Nomads' in some way or form. Wendy is not only an incredibly knowledgeable and eloquent person, but she's also extremely lovely, and I really enjoyed recording this episode. I encourage you to check out her website as we barely even got to cover everywhere she's been!! And take a look at the podcast run by her husband Nick  'English In 10 Minutes' if you are passionate about English or seeking fluency in it, where she often features as a guest:  As always guys- thanks for watching!! 🤠
  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode Five: Chris, aka The Vegan Zombie


    Hey everyone, it's Rachael again back with another episode of the Plant Sumo Podcast.   Today's guest is Chris Cooney, aka The Vegan Zombie, one of the earliest vegan YouTubers (around in the age of Charlie Bit My Finger!!) who began by creating a vegan cooking show set in the zombie apocalypse!!  😱☠️ Since then his channel has continued to grow and evolve, amassing an audience of dedicated fans. He does videos, reviews, podcasts and speeches all connected to living a plant-based lifestyle, and is someone who through his veganism has had a powerful personal and professional journey I'm excited to share with you.   I was a bit of a zombie doing this (as it was 9 am in my time zone) but thoroughly enjoyed every second. Go Check out Chris's channel here on YouTube at and visit his Instagram at to see more of his creative and exciting content and get to know his story even better.
  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode Four: Korin Sutton


    Today's guest on the Plant Sumo Podcast is Korin Sutton!!! a passionate plant-based competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer whose wartime service in Iraq as a combat soldier has significantly shaped his attitude to living a plant-based lifestyle.   Join us as we hear about his journey to veganism, becoming a veteran and successful bodybuilder and his opinion on the label of 'vegan'.   To see more of Korin's incredible activism and achievements and hear the testimonials of people he has trained to reach their fitness goals, check out his Instagram at and his website, Thanks For Listening! 🤩
  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode Three: Kojo Aka Quicksessions


    Today's guest is Kojo, a natural weightlifter who has shot to fame on Instagram and is passionate about rebranding fitness as inclusive, non-judgemental and open to everyone.   Join us as we discuss plant-based food and fitness, holistic ideas of health beyond aesthetics and if you can swear on this podcast (The answer is yes 😆)  If you want to see some outstanding and impressive clips of Kojo lifting hard at the Gym and hear him share more of his motivational perspective on fitness, head over to his Instagram:  If you want to learn more about the website TWFD which promotes his and his associates vision and even support them through buying some merch, follow this link: Thanks for listening! 
  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode Two: Torre Washington


    Today's guest on the Plant Sumo Podcast Is Torre Washington! Plant-based IFBB pro and personal trainer who is passionate about promoting holistic visions of health that extend beyond labels of 'diet'.   We discuss his passion for weightlifting, engineering and pets and how this passion intersects with living a plant-based lifestyle.  To see more of Torre's work, check out the links below: Website: Instagram:
  • The Plant Sumo Podcast podcast

    Episode One: The Vegan Voyagers


    Today I sit down with the Vegan Voyagers- Partners Aaron and Hayden, who are devoting their lives to travelling all across the world in search of phenomenal vegan food.  I hear all about how they met, their time in Mexico and their perspective on the big issues facing Veganism today 🤠 If you want to learn more about them and the amazing things they are up to, Check out their vlogs on YouTube:  and their aesthetically pleasing instagram:

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