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How To Balance Your Masculine And Feminine Energy - Sheila Kelley

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This snippet comes from one of our top episodes, with Sheila Kelley. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; Sheila wants to empower you to tune back into your body and unleash your feminine strength. In this episode, the famous actress and Vishen will inspire you to tune into your hidden powers for more authenticity and freedom.


Listen out for:

- The importance of connecting with your feminine side. 

- The 5 feminine superpowers.

- How to stay in touch with your femininity in a masculine environment.



Sheila Kelley is an American actress known for her roles as Gwen Taylor on L.A. Law, Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett Hayes on Sisters, and Debbie Wexler on The Good Doctor. Around 2000, Sheila was asked to star in a movie about strip dancing. The film was called Dancing at the Blue Iguana, and it was a really popular movie with Daryl Hannah. During that time, Sheila had to study the role of being a pole dancer, and that is when she found her passion for this art form. Today Sheila has founded an organization called S Factor: Feminine Movement, where she introduces thousands of women to the beauty and the transformational act of movement and dance. 



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