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How This Billionaire Used Psychedelics to Treat His PTSD - Bob Parsons

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Billionaire Bob Parsons is widely known as the founder of GoDaddy and PXG, one of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies in the U.S. But Bob is also a Marine and a recipient of the prestigious Purple Heart Medal. After his service in the Vietnam war, he returned home with PTSD. With the help of psychedelics and therapy, he managed to treat himself and today he’s here to share his experience.  


Listen out for:

- How plant medicine changed Bob’s life after the Vietnam war.

- The changes Bob is bringing to the world after exploring the inner depths of his mind. 

- Why therapy and psychedelics are a powerful (and healing) combination.

- Bob’s experience with PTSD.



Bob Parsons is a serial entrepreneur and has a multi-billion dollar empire which puts him at #340 on the Forbes 400 list.  He started his company called GoDaddy in 1997, and reportedly sold it years later for nearly $1 billion. He grew up as poor as a church mouse in inner-city Baltimore, flunked the 5th grade, and barely passed high school.  He was sent to Vietnam at the height of the war and he received four medals during his tour, including the Purple Heart and the Combat Action Ribbon. In 1984, when his serial entrepreneurial mind activated, he started a software firm in his basement after teaching himself how to write computer programs. 10 years later, he sold it to Intuit for $64 million. Today, Bob runs 14 other businesses that span across industries from sports and advertising to music and video production, including his high-performance golf brand: Parsons Xtreme Golf.  According to Forbes, Bob is worth an estimated $3.4 billion. 



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