The Magick Kitchen Podcast podcast

The Magick Kitchen Podcast

Leandra Witchwood & Elyse Welles

Elyse Welles and Leandra Witchwood discuss Magick, food, herbs, tea, rituals, and more. This is where Witches come together to talk about our interests and experiences. The Magick Kitchen Podcast is an extension of The Magick Kitchen Blog created by Leandra Witchwood, Herbalist, Tea Witch, Shadow Witch, Occultist, Blogger & Author. With 25+ years of working knowledge in the craft, her training began with Ceremonial Magick evolving into a more organic free-form style of Witchcraft. Her work mainly focuses on Magickal Herbalism, Tea Magick, Shadow Work, and Kitchen Witchery. Leandra also writes books on Witchcraft. Learn more at or Elyse Welles is a Greek Egyptian American witch practicing for over ten years on 3 continents, and is initiated in an eclectic Faery Tradition coven but integrates practices from her own multicultural background. Creator of Seeking Numina (Latin for 'spiritual places'), Elyse Welles is a nomadic poet, novelist and non-fiction writer, based between Athens, Greece and Pennsylvania, bringing you to sacred sites around the world through online workshops and meditations, and in person through retreats to Greece. Read her works and sign up for her newsletter at and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @seekingnumina.

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