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395. Starting Your Solo Law Firm with Jason Rice

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Jason Rice is a solo practitioner up in the beautiful state of Maine, having left the Sunshine State of Florida to pursue his legal practice near his wife's hometown was a matter of fact, and he has a family law practice there called Dirigo Divorce. One of the planning tools he used in preparation to go solo was listening to this podcast and recommendations, and so that's very gratifying for me to hear. So I'm thrilled to have him on and to talk about his journey. And as you will see, it's one that I think many of us can relate to, and find inspiration in.

In this episode, Neil and Jason discuss:

  • Skills that can help you be a great family law attorney.
  • Collaborative law and mediation.
  • Making the decision and preparing to go solo.
  • How the current housing economics have affected marital homes in divorces.

Key Takeaways:

  • No two cases are alike in family law - each family and individual is unique and has their own story that needs to be reflected in the solution.
  • Private mentorship in solo and small firms can help newer attorneys to understand the practice and, eventually, grow their own firms. This would help both the mentor and the mentee.
  • Technology has helped to level the playing field for new attorneys looking to go solo.
  • Working with virtual assistants, remote answering services, and other such staffing options can help you to grow your law firm with less in-person staff than you would have needed previously.

"I don’t want to become a big law firm, but the technology has really allowed and afforded me the ability to run a practice almost at the same level I was at and where I have seen others at with multiple staff members." Jason Rice

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