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392. Project Management for Law Firms with Katherine Porter

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Today my guest is Katherine Porter. She is a litigation attorney out of Southern California who developed, originally as a side gig, a project management consulting firm that has become more and more of her primary role. We have a really interesting discussion about how project management can be used to understand the workflows, resource allocation, and recognize the bottlenecks in your firm to, ultimately, improve your ability to deliver legal services to your clients. It’s a great discussion for law entrepreneurs of any size. Take a listen!

In this episode, Neil and Katherine discuss:

  • The science and discipline of project management.
  • Workflow process and customer journeys for law firm consistency.
  • Gaining a visual reference for who is doing the work, for both simple and complex items.
  • Technology for project management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Budgets are a key aspect of project management that is becoming more and more important to law firms and to their clients.
  • There is value in creating a workflow chart for all aspects of your law firm, regardless of size.
  • Start with the workflow and other analysis necessary before you create the procedure and process. Doing this will give you a more complete picture of what those procedures need to be from the creation of them.
  • Taking the time to map out the workflow and understand your procedures can be a game-changer for any lawyer. It will also help with better understanding your law firm as a business.

"The better you have things mapped out directly, the better your budget is going to be, which is always really important for any size firm to be able to predict what resources they're going to need and also how much the client is going to end up paying for the service." — Katherine Porter

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