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387. Elevating Your Presentation and Communication Skills with Fern Chan

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Today, my guest is Fern Chan. Fern is an author, a presenter, speaker, course developer, and trainer working with people like us, attorneys, and others for the purposes of helping you become a more dynamic presenter, so that you never lose your audience. As attorneys, we're always communicators - we are always charged with the responsibility of getting a story or getting up point across, whether it be to the Bar Association audience, your local community, opposing counsel, a jury or a judge. Communication is what we do business it, it's how we get our points across. Learning to become a better presenter, particularly if you have structured presentations, is a skill set that really helps to set attorneys apart. Fern has so much to share and I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

In this episode, Neil and Fern discuss:

  • Fern’s professional journey and how she transformed her own communication and presentation skills.
  • Captivating your audience and clearly communicating your message.
  • How to do a self-assessment of your presentation skills.
  • Laying the foundation and clearly communicating the information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nobody wants to listen to a presentation that is a long PowerPoint full of words that the presenter just reads.
  • Your ability to communicate is central to your ability to excel as an attorney - whether with clients, in the courtroom, or with other attorneys.
  • When practicing, try to find an audience who doesn’t know your industry - if they can understand it, you’ve nailed it.
  • There is an art to communication and storytelling. You can’t just jump in the middle, your audience needs to know the purpose of your presentation.

"There's always somebody in the audience who’s listening to you for the first time or getting this information for first time. They need to know what on earth is happening - it’s classic storytelling, right? You don't just jump into the middle, people have to know what the plot is about." — Fern Chan

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Join Fern for Solve the Crime of Death by PowerPoint on Fri, 13 Oct 2023 at 12 PM EST, and craft an unforgettable presentation!

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