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340. Building and Turning Your Flywheel with Brian LaBovick

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Today’s guest is Brian LaBovick. Brian started his legal career in the prosecutor’s office and has since gone on to start his own firm (along with several other businesses and non-profit organizations) which has grown to 15 lawyers and 80 employees. One of the reasons why I had to have him on the show, is because he hasn't forgotten how he made the progress from working out of the backseat of his car, so to speak, to where he is now. And he shares freely his advice and his experiences. I think you're going to get a real insight into how somebody plowed his successes back into the business and what that allowed him to leverage things over the course of years, and really, really develop something special.

In this episode, Neil and Brian discuss:

  • How Brian built up his firm to 15 lawyers and 80 support staff.
  • Where to get started with your law firm marketing.
  • Challenges to staffing and marketing.
  • Processes and systems for a well-functioning law firm.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can’t be hesitant to spend money to make money. Without marketing, you will not likely be around as a law firm for very long.
  • Building up your marketing takes time, and you will not be spending the same amount of money as a larger firm from day one.
  • Don’t try and bring people onto your team who do not fit your culture. Hire slow and well, and fire fast when someone doesn’t fit.
  • There will be a lot of “nos” before you get your “yeses”. Don’t lose hope and just keep going.

"You are the best investment that you're ever going to find. No stock is going to be better than you. Invest in you and your business model. That's what makes your dream come true." — Brian LaBovick

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