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335. Increasing Efficiencies and Communication with Jonathan Rosenfeld

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Today, my guest is Jonathan Rosenfeld. Jonathan is the principal owner and creator of his law firm, a personal injury law firm outside of Chicago. In our conversation today, we'll talk a lot about the nuances of a personal injury practice, particularly in light of the fact that post-pandemic, many law firms are becoming more virtualized, and work is being done more in a remote fashion. We also look at this way of doing business in the personal injury space and if it lends itself to that type of workflow or not. Listen in to another great conversation!

In this episode, Neil and Jonathan discuss:

  • The evolution of personal injury law firms with the increase in remote work.
  • Flexible work options and hiring successful employees.
  • Increasing efficiency and decreasing human error through automation and systems.
  • Appropriately conveying information to clients and juries.

Key Takeaways:

  • The commute is a waste of time for most people. If your employees have more flexibility in where and when they work, they will happily get their work done regardless of where and when they are working.
  • Case intake has increasingly moved out of the 9 to 5 timeframe as people submit inquiries online or even call outside of standard office hours.
  • Over time, the type of cases you see will help you to develop your systems, automations, and how the resources in your office will be divided.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. The preparation for trial begins with how the work is handled from the beginning of the case.

"Without systems, there are a lot of opportunities in this business for errors. These are errors, which not only affect your business but, ultimately, they can affect the client's case and it’s really hard to undo that type of damage." — Jonathan Rosenfeld

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