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334. Standing Out as a Solo Law Firm with Taylor Darcy

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Today, my guest is Taylor Darcy. Taylor is a business attorney and small firm practitioner out of San Diego, California, who has been a longtime listener of the podcast here. I am delighted to have Taylor on the program. Today, we're going to spend quite a bit of time talking about his journey, but maybe more to the point, Taylor is one of the biggest advocates and users of YouTube videos, particularly live YouTube video sessions, to market and promote his law firm and set it apart from others in the San Diego area. We get into the weeds about YouTube marketing, and YouTube content development. So I hope that's important, useful information that you can turn around and using your practice.

In this episode, Neil and Taylor discuss:

  • Creating a brand approach in naming your law firm.
  • Marrying planning and action for your business success.
  • Carrying prior experiences and careers into your law practice.
  • Creative marketing that provides value.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hope and prayer is not a strategy for business. While it can be what you do as well, you must plan and do it in order to succeed in your business.
  • Often the executives are no smarter than you are, they took a chance where you did not and took action where you sat back.
  • Efficiencies, automation, and client experience can set you apart and make you competitive as a small or solo law firm.
  • YouTube is the second most searched search engine in the world. It takes less time than you think and provides a largely untapped market that most lawyers do not venture into.

"If you're providing good and meaningful content, people don't care if you say ‘um’. People recognize that you're a human being, and a lot of them are too afraid to do it themselves. They're not going to judge you. Honestly, anybody that's going to give you a hard time over your mistakes aren't somebody that you're going to want to work with anybody anyway." Taylor Darcy

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