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328. Relocating & Reinventing Your Life & Career with Elise Buie

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This is a classic re-run of my episode with Elise Buie. Elise Buie had to evacuate and leave her life in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, leading to a winding journey across the country that ultimately landed her in Seattle, Washington, where she now practices family law. She’s had to reinvent herself a number of times through this process but she’s always been able to make it work because, as you’ll hear in this episode, she’s a very personal and personable person, which is also reflected in her firm culture and how she practices law.

We also discuss some of the challenges and difficulties when it comes to getting a new job in this profession, as someone who is a little older (in my case) or already has a large family. A lot of firms want to hire a young, unattached associate who they can keep for 20 years – and that can make finding a job especially difficult if, like Elise or myself, you are forced to relocate or choose to change careers in the middle of your professional journey.


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