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319. Achieving a Gold Standard Client Experience with Charlotte Isaac

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Today, my guest is Charlotte Isaac. Charlotte is an expert in the client experience; she looks at helping professional services companies, such as law firms, develop their end to end client experience, and primarily assisting them in automating the whole process as best they can, often using a platform called Dubsado. Although she's not affiliated with the company, she uses the Dubsado platform to help professional services providers to automate the entire end to end client experience. We talk about what's involved in defining that experience, and how you can translate that using a tool such as Dubsado. I think it has a lot of relevance for US attorneys, and I hope you enjoy listening to Charlotte Isaac as much as I enjoyed having the conversation. In this episode, Neil and Charlotte discuss: The client experience from start to finish. Identifying shortcomings in your client experience. Being consistent in your client experience. How Charlotte uses Dubsado to help her own clients (and how you can too!). Key Takeaways: You are the expert at your own client experience. Understand what you are already doing and from there you can flesh out that experience. Find the balance between automation and personalization. With software, you can automate some of that personalization and framework so every client is getting the best experience possible. Engage and connect with your clients even beyond just their case. It will give you a clearer picture of your client and help you to understand how you can amplify the client experience and better serve them. Build your client connection where, even when automated, it looks like it is coming directly from you. You do not want to send things to “Dear Client”. "Building empathy and a connection with your clients is a huge way to build referrals in a very non-sleazy way." — Charlotte Isaac Get in touch with Charlotte Isaac: Website: ( Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Pinterest: ( Enroll in Charlotte’s FREE Course: ( Reference: Dubsado: ( Thank you to our sponsors! (Ruby Receptionist) - Virtual receptionist & live call services that will help you grow your office (and save money), one call at a time - to learn more, go to ( or call 844.895.7829 The Net Profit CFO - Ryan Kimler works with attorneys who want to enjoy higher net profits without working longer or harder. With just 9 Simple Numbers, Ryan will help you drive more profit to your bottom line-and he won't confuse you with all the details! Connect with Ryan at ( Get in touch with Neil: Website: ( Twitter: ( Facebook: ( LinkedIn: ( If you’ve enjoyed the podcast, (please head to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating & review for the show)! It only takes a moment, and really helps me to reach new listeners. You can also (head to the website at for more information on the podcast and...

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