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317. Cracking the Code to Attracting Talent with Jonathan Merel

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Today, my guest is Jonathan Merel. Jonathan owns a family law practice in the Chicago area that has experienced some pretty phenomenal growth as of late, now reaching 17 attorneys and support staff that are associated with those attorneys having started as a solo practitioner, and really grew as a law firm pretty quickly. One of the things we're going to spend a fair amount of time talking about is how to attract talent to your law firm, because one of the things that most people are complaining about these days is their inability to find qualified candidates for the jobs that they do have open. Jonathan seems to crack that code a little bit. I think there's something to be learned from this interview, and I hope you get something out of it. In this episode, Neil and Jonathan discuss: Growing Jonathan’s firm from a solo firm to a firm of 17 attorneys. How to attract talent to your law firm. Creating a culture where people want to be. The onboarding and transition process. Key Takeaways: Build your book of business from the beginning. You never know if you’re going to want to go on your own or how it can further help in your career even if you stay in big law. As you are learning how to be a lawyer, take note of what you do and don’t want your own practice to be like. A personal one-on-one in an interview is important. You wouldn’t invite them to interview if they weren’t a good attorney, you’re looking to see if they are a good fit for your firm’s culture. You need to take the time to focus on the business, not just in the business. That is how you are going to grow your firm and attract and retain the best talent. "Marketing is not just about targeting clients, it's about targeting talent as well. I believe that by creating a good brand and a culture and an image, that will ultimately attract good talent." — Jonathan Merel Get in touch with Jonathan Merel: Website: ( Email: [email protected] Show: ( LinkedIn: ( Thank you to our sponsors! (Ruby Receptionist) - Virtual receptionist & live call services that will help you grow your office (and save money), one call at a time - to learn more, go to ( or call 844.895.7829 The Net Profit CFO - Ryan Kimler works with attorneys who want to enjoy higher net profits without working longer or harder. With just 9 Simple Numbers, Ryan will help you drive more profit to your bottom line-and he won't confuse you with all the details! Connect with Ryan at ( Get in touch with Neil: Website: ( Twitter: ( Facebook: ( LinkedIn: ( If you’ve enjoyed the podcast, (please head to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating & review for the show)! It only takes a moment, and really helps me to reach new listeners. You can also (head to the website at for more information on the podcast and my legal services. Show notes by Podcastologist Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie Audio production by ( Turnkey Podcast Productions.) You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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