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309. HyperDraft for Next Level Document Generation with Sean Greaney

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Starting your own practice isn’t something they teach in law school. Join me as I sit down with legal professionals to hear firsthand accounts of just how they did it. Today my guest is Sean Greaney. Sean is in-house counsel for a company called HyperDraft, also the name of the product that they produce, which is a document preparation system for use by attorneys. What sets it apart from most others is its use of artificial intelligence, and a form-based system such that you can dictate how you want the product to look and appear as an output in real-time. I am really excited about this platform. Stick around to the end, to take advantage of a free trial offer that they're extending to all of our listeners. So if you are intrigued by this product, as we've described it on the recording here, give them a call, go on to their website, schedule a demo. And if you mentioned that you heard about them on The Law Entrepreneur, they will offer you a free trial experience! In this episode, Neil and Sean discuss: Sean’s journey through every facet of law in his career and how he ended up with HyperDraft. Taking opportunities even if you aren’t looking for them. How HyperDraft can help your firm with document generation. Allowing your documentation creation system to learn with you. Key Takeaways: Be willing to go to the coffees and lunches, you never know what will come out of those meetings. HyperDraft was created by lawyers for lawyers. Being efficient is always better for law firm financials, regardless of the size of your firm. "Doc generation is a must these days, in my opinion, especially when you're in the solo or small practices, because you can benefit off efficiencies in ways that I don't think big law can go apples to apples on." — Sean Greaney Get in touch with Sean Greaney Website: ( LinkedIn: ( Go to ( to get your free demo! Thank you to our sponsors! (Ruby Receptionist) - Virtual receptionist & live call services that will help you grow your office (and save money), one call at a time - to learn more, go to ( or call 844.895.7829 Coach Rockwell - Mark Rockwell works with lawyers who are frustrated by their inability to scale up and become more profitable. He helps them create their vision, and implement an operating platform that builds healthy, thriving law firms. Reach out to him at [email protected] or 503.784.7205 Get in touch with Neil: Website: ( Twitter: ( Facebook: ( LinkedIn: ( If you’ve enjoyed the podcast, (please head to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating & review for the show)! It only takes a moment, and really helps me to reach new listeners. You can also (head to the website at for more information on the podcast and my legal services. Show notes by Podcastologist Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie Audio production by ( Turnkey Podcast Productions.) You're the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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