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The Knowledge Panel

“The Knowledge Panel” - brought to you by - is a monthly show, with each episode focusing on one key topical SEO question and featuring a panel of SEO experts, hosted by Dixon Jones. Topics discussed so far include: - Are Keywords Dead? - What Schema Matters? - How is AI reshaping SEO?

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  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    The Fight of the Platforms


    On Episode 17 of the Knowledge Panel we have a debate between 3 leading SEO and marketing experts on whether having a WordPress site, a custom-coded site or an easy site builder is best for SEO. Representing WordPress sites is (Jono Alderson) from (Yoast). On the custom coding team is (Crystal Carter) from (Optix Solutions) and arguing the case for the easy site builder side is (Russ Jeffery) from (Duda).
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    YouTube and Podcast SEO


    Is obtaining organic YouTube and podcast success very different to conventional SEO for Google? How do you SEO for YouTube and podcasting and are there tactics and principles used in optimizing video and audio that would also be applied to traditional SEO? That’s what we’re going to be discussing on episode 16 of the Knowledge Panel. Joining your host Dixon Jones is (Emma Drew) from Online Media Biz, Dre de Vera from the (SEO Video Show) and Mark Asquith from (Captivate).
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

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  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    International SEO


    What does it take to be a success with international SEO in 2021? Is HREFLANG still king or are there other key elements to optimizing your site/s around the world? And what about countries where Google isn’t the leading search engine? Are other search engines looking for something else entirely? Joining David Bain to discuss that on episode 15 of the Knowledge Panel show is (Aleyda Solis) from (Orainti), (Michael Bonfils) from (SEM International) and (Motoko Hunt) from (AJPR).
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    Link Building Strategies That Work Now


    What link building strategies work best in 2021? What link building strategies used to work but aren’t a good idea nowadays? Those are just 2 of the questions covered in the Knowledge Panel Show – Episode 14. Joining Dixon Jones on this month’s show are (Judith Lewis) from (DeCabbit), (Jonny Ross) from (Fleek) and (Bibi Raven) from (BibiBuzz).
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    How to Manage an SEO Team


    Are you struggling with getting the most out of your SEO team? Maybe you've recently moved into an SEO team management role and your wondering how you can be as effective as possible? Perhaps you're an agency owner and you'd like to improve your operation. If the above interested you, make sure you tune into this month's episode of the Knowledge Panel! Dixon Jones is joined by Aiala Icaza González (SEO Director at Reflect Digital), Helen Pollitt (SEO Team Manager at iTech Media), Si Shangase (Havas) and Laura Hogan (Owner, Sweet Digital Marketing Agency).
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    Local SEO in 2021


    What does best-practice local SEO look like in 2021? What platforms do you need to be on and how do you maximize the impact of your local search presence today? Joining Dixon to discuss that in episode 12 of the Knowledge Panel is Greg Gifford, Colan Nielsen, Joy Hawkins and Jason Brown.
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    SEO for Big Brands


    What immediate advantages have big brands got over small brands when it comes to SEO? Has keyword strategy changed for big brands over the past few years – if so, how? What are some of the biggest SEO challenges for big brands? Those are just 3 of the questions we’re asking this month’s panel – joining Dixon Jones are Martin MacDonald from MOG Media, Turgay Akar from PlayStation and Luis Rodriguez from Uber.
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    SEO for Startups


    What are the main SEO challenges associated with startups? As a startup, how do you compete with Goliath-sized pre-existing brands that currently dominate the SERP? How do you make an impact when your budget is lower, your team is smaller and your domain is less authoritative? Those are some of the topics that (Dixon Jones) explores in episode 10 of the Knowledge Panel with (Fabrizio Ballarini) from (Wise), (Hellen Benavides) from (giffgaff) and (Kerstin Reichert) from (Tide).
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    How to use big data to scale SEO


    It’s one thing to be able to SEO everything you can touch manually, but what happens when you manage a website that has millions of web pages? What happens to your SEO if you have millions of data points and it’s impossible to process and implement your SEO strategy manually? In Episode 9 of the Knowledge Panel we discuss how to use big data to scale SEO with several of the world’s leading experts in harnessing big data to power SEO activities – joining Dixon Jones are Wil Reynolds from Seer, Rachel Hildebrand from MoneyGeek and Laurence O’Toole from Authoritas.
  • The Knowledge Panel podcast

    What aspects of technical SEO do big brands miss?


    Although big brands tend to have bigger budgets, they also tend to have complicated structures and requirements. And this can also mean that other things get prioritised or thought about rather than a specific aspect of technical SEO. In this episode of the Knowledge Panel, we’ll be discussing which aspects of technical SEO big brands miss and the ramifications that this has on the brand’s overall success. Joining (Dixon) to discuss this are (Ant Robinson), (Keith Goode) and (Lea Scudamore).

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