The Insiders' Podcast podcast

The Insiders' Podcast

Matthew Hayes & Darren Broadbridge

Welcome to The Insiders. Join Darren Broadbridge and Matt Hayes in 'The Insiders,' a podcast that takes a candid look at the world of surfing. With their years of experience in the industry, Darren and Matt provide insider knowledge and expertise on everything from foam, liters, fin setups, shapes, and more. They've seen the industry from the inside and continue to watch it from the outside, sharing their perspectives on surfing's relentless sport, passion, fashion, art form, waste of time, life wasting, joy-giving, core-charging activity. Tune in for their best tips and tricks to help stoke your fire and keep the passion alive. With 'The Insiders,' you'll get an exclusive look at the world of surfing from a couple of frothers who won't let the fire go out!

About us: Darren unpacked trucks for Quiksilver in the heyday then moved to the dream: Managing a surfboard factory with a motley crew of the worlds best shapers. Then seeing the surf tourism industry booming he jumped ship: Just intime for the Pandemic, proving to himselfonce again, you just can't see into the future Somewhere in the last ten years while he was doing his best to sell surfboards for Euroglass to the biggest mover of fibreglass in Europe, Boardshop. Matt picked up the phone. Matt has sold more surfboards than you have had hot dinners (Self-diagnoses surf nerd and board freak). We talked foam. Litres. Fin Setups. Shapes. Futures. FCS. FCS2. Fixed. Finless. Boardless. Aimless. The full circle. And we still are talking this: We stopped working together: But we never stopping talking surf together.

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