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Supplements: Consumer Grade vs. Medical Grade Supplements

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In todays episode we talk about the difference between consumer grade supplements and medical, therapeutic, grade supplements. We share some shocking info on the lack of regulations/quality control, how the FDA is not what we think it is, the difference between the manufacture date and expiration date and how that impacts accurate dosing, as well as the importance of quality sourcing. 

Not a fun fact, but one that should be known: 
If a product has less than 1% of the active ingredient in it, it is NOT required to be listed on the label!  

For example - McD's happy meals don’t have to list acrylamide, which is known to cause cancer.  Even though it’s less than 1% of the active ingredient, people can still get sick on that exposure over time. . . ACCUMULATION EFFECT. 

While we understand cost is a concern, we urge you to pick your supplements wisely and use the best quality supplements for your benefit because the difference between two bottles could be the difference between healing your gut or not.  Building muscle or not.  Healing your headaches or not.  

Remember, everything  you put into/on your body is what determines your future body!

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