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The Emily Osmond Show brings you practical strategies and candid real stories of entrepreneurs to help you make marketing, mindset and money your superpowers. Hosted by Emily Osmond - an online marketing educator, leader of an incredible global community of female entrepreneurs, and a content creator based in Melbourne, Australia.

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  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    The numbers behind a $10k revenue month


    Are you feeling unsure of where you need to be focusing your time to reach your revenue goals? Do you have a vague idea of what you would like to be earning each month but haven’t broken it down into an action plan? In this episode, I’m talking about the really important numbers to consider in order to reach your revenue target. Many of my students in the Modern Marketing Collective are reaching for the $10k months because how amazing does a six figure income sound, right??I’ll break down your monthly revenue target into steps that you can action in your business to figure out exactly how many sales you need to make and how many leads you need to generate. This information will give you the power and clarity to know where to really focus your attention to increase your sales and conversion rate. I can’t wait for you to check it out. Start writing down all of your figures and use these steps to create amazing results and achieve your revenue goals. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesCheck out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook: 
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    How to be more consistent with your marketing


    Raise your hand if you feel like creating content and marketing is your least favourite task in your business? Trust me, I understand. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you if you find it hard and challenging to consistently post content to your audience. BUT you need to regularly connect with your audience to increase your marketing reach and build loyal clients. Whether you post weekly, fortnightly or monthly, your followers need to expect to hear from you. In this episode, I’m going to chat about three tips to create consistent marketing in your business. I’ve learnt these amazing pointers from my own experience and from receiving priceless client feedback. I’ve incorporated them into my own business to ensure that I’m regularly posting, even when I really don’t feel like it. Building your business requires ‘meal-sized’ content, so you need to set aside time in your workday to dedicate to posting and connecting with your audience. Follow these killer tips to learn how to make this process really serve your business and become just a little bit more motivating. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesCheck out my new free guide: ‘4 Tips to Build a Connection With Your Audience’Website: Instagram: Facebook:
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

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  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    How to tap into the true desires of your target market - a recast of my interview on The Profit Lovers Podcast


    Do you know your ideal customer?More than their age or their demographic, do you know their challenges and desires?Because once you know these things, and have a genuine care to help them, everything flows. I’m shaking things up a little today to share an episode from The Profit Lovers Podcast where I had the privilege of being the guest to chat with my good friend, Melanie Miller. We talked about how I create a warm feel to my brand and my thoughts behind attracting my ideal customer. Melanie and I talked about my focus when it comes to creating a beautiful customer experience and how I approach this in everything I do, from live events to online courses. We agreed on the importance of really caring about the people we serve, knowing their pain points, their hopes for the future and how understanding these things not only helps you serve them better but also filters into your marketing and messaging. We also get quite personal toward the end and talk about why I’m so optimistic about life and business. I hope you love this conversation and feel inspired to really hone in on your audience and what you hope for them to experience. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:   Where to find Melanie:Website: @theprofitloversPodcast: The Profit Lovers podcast
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    My new weekly schedule I'm playing with


    I’m always looking for ways to improve scheduling my work week. I have found playing around with my schedule freshens up my productivity and increases forward momentum.  In this episode, I’m chatting about the new weekly schedule that I’m currently workshopping. I’ll go through each day with you and share why I’ve assigned each task to the respective day. I have found this to be really helpful and productive and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Now I know that not everybody works the same way I do, so I’ll provide you with other options you can use to plan out your week.  This method structures my week and increases my focus. Best of all, it prevents me from worrying about when I’ll actually have time to do tasks because everything is already planned for. I would love for you to try it out (or a version of it) in your own business and let me know how you go!Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    Marketing when you're an introvert with Jessica Williamson


    Being the face of your business and trying to market yourself when you’re an introvert can be so intimidating. Getting up in front of a room full of people and telling them why they should work with you or buy your product feels daunting, overwhelming, and almost impossible.  So how can you structure and run a successful business when you have this personality type?  In today’s episode, I’m chatting with the amazing Jessica Williamson. Jess is an award winning mindset and business coach and a serial entrepreneur who has built and scaled five successful businesses in the past five years. Jess has been featured in Forbes, Channel 9 News, and the West Australian for her knowledge and expertise in growing businesses online.  We talk about Jess’ life before she became an entrepreneur, beginning her first business, Ete Swimwear. We then move on to discuss how she identifies as an introvert, what she has come to understand about herself, and the challenges and strengths she has learned to take onboard and bring into her work-life balance.  Jess structures her business around her personality and energy levels. We discuss exactly how she plans out her week to ensure she doesn’t burn out or feel depleted. I’m so excited to share with you Jess’s top mindset tips and shifts that she has used to accelerate her businesses forward and achieve remarkable things in the entrepreneurial world.   Jess believes that if only one person takes something valuable away, then she has been successful.  Think about how your own business is affected by your personality type.  How can you structure your business to light up your life?LINKS: Connect with JessWebsite: Jessica Williamson | Business Coach, Mentor & SpeakerInstagram: @jess.williamson8Podcast: Couch ChatsMagazine mentioned: THE COLLECTIVE MAGAZINERegister for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    The easiest but most forgotten thing to do for more sales


    We’re all so so busy running our businesses that we often forget and neglect the most important thing to do to get more sales.  We need to prioritise this on top of everything! In this episode, I’m talking about the most important task you need to be doing everyday to skyrocket your sales. Are you ready? It’s so simple! You need to actually tell people how to take the next step with you and invite them to work with/buy from you every single day. Sounds easy right? But people always forget to do this as we simply assume that everyone in our audience already knows what we sell and how they can buy it. Never assume! You have new people seeing your content all the time who don’t know the next step.  Make sure you’re entwining this invitation over and over in your content to reach the right client at the right time.  Let go of your fear of being annoying or too ‘salesy’. Have conviction in your service and your product. What you offer will make a difference to your audience so you should shout it from the rooftops.  If you want to dive deeper and sell your services online, I’m running a live workshop just for you. On the 14th of October, I’m talking about the 3 big reasons you’re not fully booked and the new way to run your business.  Register here to make sure you don’t miss out!Register for my FREE masterclass: The 3 big reasons you're not fully bookedWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    How Michelle McCarthy is on track to meet her corporate salary within one year as a brand designer


    We've all heard the narrative that you can’t make any real money in your first few years of starting a business. It’s going to be tough, difficult and you’ll be working non-stop for hardly any profit. BUT I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Your mindset and the way you show up for your business everyday will make the difference and today you’ll find out how.  In this episode, I am chatting with the founder and creative director of Studio Danu and student of the Modern Marketing Collective, Michelle McCarthy. Michelle has built her graphic design studio in Melbourne and has brought together over a decade of experience in Australia, America and Europe to create a truly admired business that specialises in strategic design and bespoke branding.  We chat about Michelle’s first year of business, leaving her corporate job, and branching out on her own. Michelle shares the challenges, lessons and most importantly, the mindset change she adopted to grow her business and bring in more clients. Michelle went from her lowest month to her highest month yet by shifting the way she consistently showed up for her business!   I’m so happy to say that she’s even on track to reach her corporate salary within 12 months of going out on her own! Michelle absolutely loves working with female-led businesses. We dive into her priceless learnings from this amazing first year of entrepreneurial life and the lessons she has learnt from the Modern Marketing Collective, the retreat, and our community.  I also have some exciting news for you! To make it even easier to join the Modern Marketing Collective and grow your own business, I am giving you access to pay the program off over 12 months! Click here to get started today! Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    How do you find the right balance between professional and personal?


    Have you ever wondered how to find the right balance between running a professional and personal business?  In this episode, I discuss the most effective and modern way of doing business that incorporates both aspects into your marketing. As business owners, we have to make sure we don’t come across as unprofessional but we also can’t be boring, stale or stiff to resonate with our audience.  Think about what it means to be professional in your business. When I posed this question to my Modern Marketing Collective they said they wanted to be taken seriously, to be respected and for their work to be seen as having quality.  With that fantastic definition in mind, let’s stop and reconsider being ‘personal’ as being ‘authentic’. You may be surprised to learn that 86% of consumers say authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support.  So how can you be authentic and professional?  In this episode I’ll give you three ways to introduce authenticity into your marketing and create a community that supports and cares about your business because they know you truly understand them and their needs.  This method is the modern way of doing business, so don’t just try it once. You’re a human and not a business entity, so share your human experience in your content and you’ll make an honest and open connection with your audience. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook:
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    Tapping into your Soul Modes to find more flow with Carlie Maree


    Do you ever feel a bit all over the place? Are you struggling to stick to one routine? Maybe you feel the need to sleep in some days and other days you’re up with the birds wanting to take on the world. My bet is that most women can relate and this episode could help explain why and what to do about it.  My guest today is Carlie Maree, a best selling author, thought leader, and master of motivational intelligence. Through her online programs and private coaching, Carlie supports women to harness the powerful energies that reside within them and understand just how magic they are. Carlie has a deep understanding of how women work, what motivates them, what drives them and what can hold them back. In this episode, we discuss Carlie’s book, Soul Modes, which I had the pleasure of reading recently. I can honestly say that every woman (and man) should read this book! Carlie’s teaching sheds a beautiful light on the way we operate and how we can do life in a way that honours our natural flow.  We dive into the four different modes, the purpose of each of them and the power of tapping into them specifically when it comes to business.  Carlie talks about embracing the flow of these different modes in our day to day lives, rather than forcing through resistance. You’re going to get so much out of this conversation and make sure you grab a copy of the book. LINKS:Soul Modes BookSoul Modes MovieWebsite: @mscarliemareeFacebook: @carliemareeGenius Unleashed Podcast
  • The Emily Osmond Show podcast

    How much value should you give away in your free content?


    What is content marketing?  Is there any power in it?  What should I include in my free content vs my paid content? Where do I draw the line?  In today’s episode, we are having a look at how much value you should be giving away in your content for free. I’ll discuss what content marketing involves and how you can create a community with your audience.  I really want to have a chat about the power in content marketing and how effective it is at converting leads into sales. I know that it’s so important to have confidence in the value of your service. I’ll walk you through the caveats to keep in mind when you're creating your free content. These are so important to ensure that you’re maximising your sales and creating a following.  Have fun with your content and be a leader. You’ll build trust with your clients and generate great sales.  Remember, don’t be your industry’s best kept secret. Register for my FREE masterclass: Why your marketing isn’t making you salesWebsite: Instagram: Facebook: 

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