The Data Driven Retail Podcast podcast

The Data Driven Retail Podcast

Pitney Bowes

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  • The Data Driven Retail Podcast podcast

    How to Avoid Being Left Behind in a Data Driven Retail Future


    With so much data available - along with rapidly changing buyer behaviours - what steps can retailers take today to avoid being left behind tomorrow? Andy Reid tackles this question with the help of Misha Ghosh, General Manager and Deputy Vice President at ADP Ventures, Keith Seard, owner and business strategist of Kinetic Business Solutions, Hal Hopson, practice leader for location analytics at Pitney Bowes and Leigh Helsel, vice president Retail Strategies at ICC Technologies. The discussion was recorded in front of a live audience at the 2018 Pitney Bowes Location and Data Analytics Summit.
  • The Data Driven Retail Podcast podcast

    The Retail Loyalty Equation


    How can you encourage your customers to stay loyal? Andy Reid is joined by CRM Consultant Ryan Davies and Pete Howroyd, Principal at The Loyalty People to discuss how customer loyalty for retailers needs to be more than a plastic card and routine discounts.
  • The Data Driven Retail Podcast podcast

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  • The Data Driven Retail Podcast podcast

    That's What I Want! - How mobile marketing can get buyers at the moment of intent


    What is mobile's place in an omni-channel marketing world? How can mobile marketing give brands and retailers a real insight into consumer behaviour - and help to drive that behaviour? Andy Reid talks location data, bid requests and cut through content with Gimbal's Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Russo and Nat Cooper, Principal Consultant for Marketing at Pitney Bowes Location Analytics Data.
  • The Data Driven Retail Podcast podcast

    Welcome to Data Driven Retail


    Who are your best customers? Where are they located? How do you find more of them? Welcome to Data Driven Retail - a podcast that helps you answer these questions. Join Andy Reid and his guests as they talk about customer intelligence and retail analytics, and how retailers can engage their customers in the most relevant ways. The Data Driven Retail Podcast helps you make better business decisions and guides your marketing initiatives. Subscribe or follow us now, wherever you get your podcasts.

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