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The original NFT archaeologist explores the past, present, and future of NFTs and blockchain technology with the individuals that have helped to shape the space. Follow on Twitter -

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  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    Birth of the Metaverse - The Founders of Spells of Genesis and SaruTobi


    This is an epic Twitter Spaces discussing the birth of the metaverse with the founders of Spells of Genesis (Shaban) and SaruTobi (Christain). A big shoutout and thanks to Leonidas for hosting the space. Here is his excellent article about the birth of the Metaverse that was referenced in the podcast - Also a big thanks to WhiteRabbit who joined the space. WhiteRabbit's view on historical NFTs as an asset class has greatly influenced my own investment strategy - Here is the link to a fantastic 2-minute video by Nish explaining the history of SoG and SaruTobi - SaruTobi Discord: Spells of Genesis Twitter: Shaban Shaame: Christian Moss: Leonidas: WhiteRabbit:
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    Rediscovered 2017 NFT Art Project - Victoria Verdandi


    Super excited to have you learn more about the artwork of Victoria Verdandi. She is an established contemporary artist who - in November 2017 - decided to learn to code to put her art on Ethereum. Amazing! I compare her to Mitchell F. Chan in this regard as both recognized the potential for art on the blockchain and then took the initiative to make it themselves. I love that. Opensea: Twitter:  Discord:
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

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  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    NFT Legends Christian Moss, Koji Higashi, and Shaban Shaame


    This is a live Twitter Spaces recording of three legends in the NFT/gaming space Christian Moss, Koji Higashi, and Shaban Shaame. Recorded on October 22, 2021, the talk walks through the early history of blockchain-based gaming. Christian is the founder of SaruTobi one of the very first play to earn blockchain games and a pioneer in NFT interoperability. Koji was responsible for Book of Orbs - which was most likely the world’s first mobile token wallet focused on early NFT collectibles.  And finally, Shaban, who is the founder of Spells of Genesis. Christian Twitter: Koji Twitter: Shaban Twitter:
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    Ascribe Early Bitcoin NFT Platform - Trent McConaghy


    When Trent built Ascribe in 2013/14 NFTs virtually zero artists had published their works on a blockchain.  Ascribe changed that. But by all accounts, Ascribe was a fantastic platform for artists to launch on Bitcoin.  Only one problem, the market simply wasn't ready for it. I chat with Trent about what it was like building the platform. The work he did to onboard artists. And what artists today can do to access those early NFTs that they may have published with Ascribe. Twitter: Website: Trent is the founder of Ocean Protocol:
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    An Artists Journey from Bitcoin to Ethereum - Sarah Meyohas


    Sarah's pioneering artwork Bitch Coin was launched on Bitcoin in February 2015. She later moved the work from Bitcoin to Ethereum using what she calls a "sprawling project." Let me tell you, my head was spinning;)  We get into all of the details of her visionary work and chat about where she sees NFTs and art heading in the future. Twitter: Opensea: The Non-Existent Token: Website:
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    NFT Play to Earn and Interoperability Pioneer - Christian Moss


    Sometimes I learn about people that were so visionary and early it makes my head spin.  Christian is one of those dudes. Christian built SaruTobi, a mobile app, which was most likely was the very first play-to-earn blockchain game. He also built out the first use case of NFT interoperability as players could use their Spells of Genesis cards in-game. We dig into that and all of the other visionary stuff Christian was working on during the early days of NFTs. Opensea:[stringTraits][0][name]=Sarutobi%20Island&search[stringTraits][0][values][0]=All%20Sarutobi%20Island Twitter: Discord:
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    Cross Chain NFTs - Shannon Code from Emblem Vault


    Until recently buying Rare Pepes or Spells of Genesis NFTs on Bitcoin has been complex and dangerous.  So much so, that I never recommended it to anyone because of the inherent risks.  Those days, thankfully, are over because of the work that Shannon has done building Emblem Vault. Which provides an easy and transparent way for owners of NFTs on other chains (principally Bitcoin and Namecoin) to place their asset in an Emblem Vault and then list and sell it as a normal NFT on Opensea. Think of it in the same way that a wrapper was needed to be able to trade Curio Cards on Opensea - in the same way, Emblem Vault is allowing this to work across other blockchains. It really is quite revolutionary and should be huge for those NFTs living on other chains. Opensea - Twitter - Website -
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    An Artists View on NFTs, Art, and Apes - Jeffrey Alan Scudder


    Jeffrey is one of only a handful of the pioneering artists in the NFT space who first launched their art on Bitcoin. I am by no means an art expert - though my artsy friends tell me Jeffrey is world-class - but I do know NFTs, and the work he did with Harm van den Dorpel and the Left Gallery beginning in 2016 set the stage for today's NFT art revolution. We discuss the early days of his art, putting works on the blockchain, and where he sees art NFTs in the future. Jeffery also shares his views on why so many contemporary artists are struggling when they see apes - like me - buying their works simply as an investment.  It was an eye-opener. I highly recommend you check out Jeffery's TikTok account because I think it gives you a glimpse into the way his mind thinks about art. It's amazing!! Latest Works (Radical Digital Paintings) - Previous Works - TikTok - Twitter - Lecture "Explained Pictures" - Rhizome -
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    NFT Art Pioneer - Harm van den Dorpel


    I was psyched to sit down with NFT pioneer Harm van den Dorpel. Harm began putting art on Bitcoin in 2015 and has recently begun to move many of the works over to Ethereum.  We discuss the early history of art on Bitcoin and get into how collectors didn't initially seem interested in owning NFTs.  Boy did that change! Twitter: Left Gallery: Opensea Collections:
  • The Adam McBride Show podcast

    Mythereum Project - NFT Interoperability Pioneers


    I had the pleasure of chatting with Chris Cashwell, the developer behind the NFT trading card game Mythereum, which launched on February 5, 2018. Mythereum did a lot of things right but the thing that I believe made it groundbreaking was the innovative ability for users to take NFTs from another project (in this case CryptoKitties) and forge a brand new NFT (called a Mythicat) within Mythereum to use in gameplay.  To be clear - there were games on Bitcoin that pulled characters from other games and created unique characters within those games. But they weren't using the actual NFT. The developers were just borrowing the character's name and attributes to create a new character. Mythereum and its Mythicats were the first to use the actual NFT and forge a brand new NFT.  Quite the revolutionary idea that developers are only now beginning to incorporate into their projects. Website: Discord: Twitter:

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