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Justin and Abi Stumvoll

The Connected Life is a thought-provoking conversation about all the beautiful and messy ups and downs of life. Join Life Consultants Justin & Abi Stumvoll as they share vulnerable stories and practical wisdom that will lead you on a journey of connecting with yourself, others, and the world right in front of you. Their authentic, no-BS style will make you laugh, challenge you to dig deep, face your fears, and inspire you to love yourself and others more.

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    145: How to Approach Decisions


    On average, we make 35,000 decisions each day. For some, decisions are seemingly made quick and easy with little thought behind them, leaving a trail a problems resulting from the lack of consideration. For others, decisions feel overwhelming and laced with anxiety, creating paralysis and stagnancy. But what if decision making was a beautiful balance of thoughtful wisdom and trust? In this episode Abi and Justin explore the detriments of each end of this pendulum while addressing the foundational beliefs necessary to healthily approach decision making. They talk about strategies to dismantle the fear that encompasses life decisions while highlighting ways to engage in a sense of self-awareness so as understand how your choices affect the world around you. If you want to feel powerful, purposeful, and deliberate in your decision making this episode is just for you!
  • The Connected Life podcast

    144: The Power of Embracing Change


    Change comes with many unknowns and emotions. For some, change is the perceived savior of their circumstances, while for others, it’s the villain of their story. Regardless of what it is to each person, one thing is for sure, it’s universally part of the human experience. In this episode Justin is joined by his dear friends Brianna and Marcus Miller. The two of them share about an intense year of transition, how they each responded to the difficulties it brought, and the gifts that change delivered to their doorstep. Together, through a nuanced exploration of change, they compassionately humanize the emotions we all experience when life begins to shift. If you’re ready to get the most out of the change that life brings to your doorstep, this episode will be instrumental in your journey!
  • The Connected Life podcast

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  • The Connected Life podcast

    143: Finding Empowerment and Healing through Triggers


    Faces of people screaming and college campuses littered with safe spaces are often the things that come to mind when someone makes mention of triggers. A sense of some villain offending an innocent onlooker with words or deeds deemed as triggering is the common perception of the subject. But what if triggers were something much more? In this episode Abi and Justin are joined by their assistant Flo. Flo shares her misperceptions around triggers while diving into the empowerment and healing she’s found as she’s had her perspective so profoundly changed. Through a beautiful moment of vulnerability she lets her guards down and allows the Stumvoll’s to dig in deep to explore her history and discover a new truth about herself. This enlightening and tender episode will challenge the way you think and bring healing to your soul. You don’t want to miss it!
  • The Connected Life podcast

    142: Parenting in a Powerful Way


    There’s no definitive manual on how to raise children. Often times parents find themselves feeling overwhelmed and out of control. More discipline, or more rewards, is the usual approach to behavioral correction. But what if learning how to regulate your inner world brought a level of resolution to theirs? In this episode Jonny and Pietze share how their road to self-discovery, and finding healing for their triggers, restored the peace and balance in their children’s lives. Through self-reflection, Jonny highlights the parallels of his parenting towards his son and his experience as a child with his own parents. In a moment of tenderness he shares his powerful conclusion that forever redirected the course of his relationship with his son. If you’re a parent, or wanting to understand more about your own childhood, this episode will change the way you see parenting and equip you to feel capable and confident to face the hardest circumstances head on. 
  • The Connected Life podcast

    141: The Pathway to Freedom


    What if resolve and reconnection after years of pain, misunderstandings, and disagreements was possible? What if the relationships that matter the most, yet have been the messiest, could be restored? In this epic finale to our five part series, Jonny and Pietze share about their powerful revelations as Jonny came to the end of himself and exposed his greatest fears. Through serendipity, Jonny explains how his time editing the video for an emotional health course radically enlightened his reality and forever changed the trajectory of his life and marriage. Ending the battle with his circumstances, while accepting them for what they were, thrust Jonny into a season of facing life head on as he began to learn how to make the best out of the cards he was dealt. Through ownership, transparency, and trust, Pietze and Jonny found a way back to their first love, giving hope for anyone else that’s been to hell and back. Don’t miss this profound and hopeful conclusion that will leave you forever impacted!
  • The Connected Life podcast

    140: Letting Go of Your External Battles


    Life occasionally has a way of dealing us one blow after another until we’re lying face down in a pool of our own blood and tears. No matter how hard we try, changing our outward circumstances is nothing more than a short term bandaid. But there is hope! In part 4 of 5 Pietze and Jonny expose the hardest parts of marriage and highlight their failed attempts at trying to reconcile their difficulties. They reflect on the external chaos that consumed their lives and discuss how they awakened to the reality that a better life was only possible through facing their internal world.    If you’ve ever felt stuck in the trials life hands you, this episode will remind you that you’re not alone and there is something you can do about it.
  • The Connected Life podcast

    139: Shamelessly Owning Your Part of the Story


    Every great story of fiction has a protagonist and an antagonist, a villain and a hero so to say. But real life isn’t quite that cut and dry. Just like a coin, every story has two sides. When each side is examined, often times, black and white suddenly becomes grey. In part three of this five part series, Pietze and Jonny shine a light on their hidden fears that drove so many of their actions. Without any sense of shame they model what it looks like to take ownership for what they co-created while extending grace, compassion, and forgiveness to one another. This episode is a refreshing guide at how to navigate any friendship, relationship, or marriage. You won’t want to miss a moment of it!
  • The Connected Life podcast

    138: Making Sense of Relational Messiness


    We all do things to the people we care about the most that we wished we hadn’t. Often times we avoid looking back because the past is riddled with blame, shame, regret, and condemnation. But what if a return to our history, with the right perspective, could repair the life right in front of us? In part two of this five part series, Pietze and Jonny dive into the messiness that ensued after getting married. They share about the effects of their coping skills and explore some of the motives behind their actions. Through the clarity that's created by looking back, they acknowledge their mistakes while having compassion on themselves. This riveting series will help you to humanism yourself and the people you care about the most. You won’t want to miss an episode!
  • The Connected Life podcast

    137: Brutal Beginnings for Newlyweds


    Getting married and starting a new life together can be brutal for anyone. Navigating how to surrender your life to a partnership of give and take is difficult as it is. But, for an ever growing select few that choose to get married very young, the hurdles could be insurmountable. In this episode Pietze, Abi’s best friend, and her husband Jonny join the podcast for this five part series. They shine a spotlight on their teenage romance and the survival tools they used to get through their formative years. Together they touch on Jonny’s lifestyle of dissociation and set the stage to understand the long term problems for being ill prepared for married life. This series will make you laugh, cry, and reflect like never before. You don’t want to miss out!
  • The Connected Life podcast

    136: Stepping Back in the Church


    The institution of the church has a history of feeling unsafe and judgmental for many people. Like any system, it has humanity’s thumbprint of messiness all over it. But sometimes the systems that hurt us, have a gift within to heal us. In this episode, Pietze joins Abi and Justin once again to discuss her return to the institution of the church. They process how Pietze found resolution and examine together what it is to follow a redeeming God we can trust. Through a humble acknowledgment of their own messiness, they invite people to let go of the hierarchy they have that keeps them believing they’re better than others. If you need resolution with any kind of institution, this episode is a massive step to getting there.

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