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Coliving multiverse: formats, standards and "holywars"

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New coliving investors and owners frequently ask to prove that one coliving model is "genuine" and the other is not.

There are dozens of opinions on how to systematise colivings. So, our Russia ambassadors have invited international experts to show a wide range of types and business models
Speakers include:
- Julianne Becker, Co-Founder & CEO at COCONAT - a workation retreat
- Matt Lesniak, Head of Impact & Innovation at Conscious Coliving
- Olga Sharygina, Vice-president at Becar Asset Management, Managing Director of Research & Development Department

Hosted by our Russia ambassadors, Alla Tsytovich, Founder of LogInn Colivings, Sergey Dolgov, Co-Founder and CEO at Melnica.Space and Nikita Kuimov, Founder of SmenaStation.

Please feel free to reach out to the ambassadors or to the speaker directly for any slides/presentation request.

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Music by Airtone

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