The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

The Chiropractic WHY podcast

Dr Jonny Coller DC ACP

We spend some time learning, discussing and generally chatting all things Chiropractic and Chiropractic philosophy. The podcast made by the profession for the profession.

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  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    Disease v. dis-ease, clarifying our terms.


    In this episode we spend some time with Dr Nick Reynolds going over specific Chiropractic terms. Dis-ease can be a bit of a hot topic, but if we start with a clear understanding of the terms and their meanings, it quickly changes into another conversation. Nick is someone who we have gotten to know pretty well recently as he worked his way through our online philosophy course, so we were buzzing to get him on a podcast to share some things.  Nick choose to look deeper at various Chiropractic terms during his time on our philosophy course, and ended up focusing on dis-ease. He final module, the article we chat about, was the result of some incredible discussions and a lot of hard work on his part. When combined with Nicks understanding and quality penmanship this was a piece of Chiropractic writing that couldn’t stay hidden, so we thought we would get him on the podcast to make sure it got out there. We were yet to know, at the time of recording the podcast, that this paper would feature in the recent publication of 33 from the UCA (uk). Which hopefully a few of you have read! But in the podcast we walk through his paper and some of the conversations and thots around it. Nick is a rockstar and as always he brings his incredible energy on this one. What did we go over Studying Chiro in a different way to the norm. Inspirational Chiro that got him there. Disease v. Disease. Why is it important to clarify our terms. Post Chiro college disney! Chasing the greats. Getting out of the bubble. Studying philosophy online. ….and plenty more. *we apologise for the quality of the audio for this one, but we wanted to get it out there*
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    Wellness, the Lion's and life lessons.


    Wellness, the lions and life lessons. Many of you guy will recognise Dr Micheal McBean as one of the faces behind the lions of Chiropractic. He is someone that works his ass off, often behind the scenes for Chiropractic. After a good few attempts we finally got him on the podcast and had a good chin wag about a range of Chiropractic topics. Micheal shares some life lessons on practice and Chiropractic and also the WHY behind the Lions project. We also spend some time looking into the term Wellness of the back of the new Netflix documentary UNWELL. What else did cover: New country new culture. Getting into Chiropractic in SA. Chiropractic and amputee athletes. Wellness practice. Is wellness a good label for Chiropractic. Lions legacy. Cubs becoming Lions. Lion's can win in SA. And plenty more.
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

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  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    Social media and Chiropractic, my moral obligation.


    The dapperchiro is someone we have been trying to get onto the podcast for some time and now we finally managed to make it happen. Over the last few years the dapper Chiro content has grown and grown. With his unique style of presenting ideas and how engaging it can be we wanted to spend some time to find out about the WHY behind it all. In this episode we chat about: Why social media? Is it worth it? Should you even bother to do it? As Chiropractors do we have a moral responsibility to share our knowledge. Chiropractic latest social media trends. CRACK videos. How crack videos can be a good thing. And plenty more!
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    Lessons from my Chiropractic Journey


    The first few years in practice can be tough on new Chiropractors. It can often feel like you are dropped in at the deep in and its sink or swim. But does this have to be the way.  In this episode we chat to rock star Marina Papadimitriou about here journey form college into practice. Marina is truly one of the Chiropractors I would be honoured if she was looking after my family. Her love and energy for Chiropractic is incredible and her dedication to constantly be improving is something we can all learn from.   What did we cover i hear you ask: What are those first few years like? Does Chiropractic colleges provide you with everything for Chiropractic success? Scrips and Subluxations, the two banned S words.  How do we commit to practise to improve.  How important is support of Chiropractors to a new DC.  What philosophy gives you.  The upcoming Axiom seminar and how to hear more from Marina.  Should I start my won place or go and be an associate? Developing certainty. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, big things are coming next year!
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    Upper Cx Chiropractic, tell me more...


    Upper Cx Chiropractic is not taught much these days in Chiropractic colleges in the world, which has lead to a lot of confusion about what it even is, or how the techniques are practised.  In this episode we talk to one of Europe's upper cx specialists to ask her all of the questions you want to ask about the technique. On top of that Dr Loula Papadimitriou DC, is one of the most knowledgable and enthusiastic Chiropractors we know. If you have ever been lucky enough to spend time with he in real life you will know she always brings a huge smile and lots of energy.  What did we cover: Starting out as physio. 5th year frustration.  The big gap between college and practice.  Learning from a master in her first job.  WHY we need to keep learning.  Upper Cx, what the hell is it? And so so so much more!!
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    "33" The book you need to read with Dr David Serio DC


    Its been a while but we are back with a blockbuster! In this episode of the Chiropractic WHY podcast, we chat to the world-famous Dr David Serio DC about the book 33. David collected, begged and persuaded some of the best Chiropractors around the world to share their ideas on the 33 principles and came up with one of the best Chiropractic books of the last 10 years. Davids personal mission is to “To connect chiropractors and humanity to the essence of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic.” And in this podcast, it's hard not to love everything about him. This podcast will give you a great little insight to the book, a huge insight into the man that is driving change around the world of Chiropractic and no doubt give you a few laughs on the way. What did we cover: What's the story behind the book. How did he manage to get so many badass Chiro’s to write chapters? Why is it purple? Why should you study Chiropractic philosophy? Is this the best toilet read for Chiropractors? What's his personal fav chapter, basically like choosing your favourite child! What we should live our lives with the principles in mind. How he has seen Chiropractors change after learning philosophy. And a ton more… Don’t forget to subscribe and share us on your FB and Instagram stories we wanna know where you listen to the podcast!
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    Learning from my pregnancy with Dr Aymun Kamal DC


    Something a little different this time around. We got on a call with the incredible Aymun Kamal. It was such a blessing that she put some time aside, so close, to her pregnancy to talk exactly about that! This was actually the second time around we had to record this podcast. After the first one, we had some technical issues and I was worried we had lost some gold, but 2nd-time round there was more you will see/hear.... We wanted to chat about how life was while checking and adjusting while a bump grows, but wow we ended up covering up a lot. Make sure you send this as a recommendation for anyone who is about to go pregnancy as a Chiropractor. What did we cover: 💬 Crazy stories of getting into college. 💬 You never know how far-reaching…… 💬 NZCC and energy. 💬 Changing countries. 💬 Levelling up sometime means travelling. 💬 That perfect timing. 💬 What working while pregnant taught me. 💬 Pregnancy opening up Chiro chats. 💬 Educating your staff to grow. 💬 Your CA are your front line! MAKE SURE YOU CLICK SUBSCRIBE OR YOU WILL MISS OUT!
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    Dr Donald Francis DC, Scotlands Chiropractic powerhouse.


    You may have seen Dr. Donald Francis DC on some videos chatting about his time looking after one of Scotlands rugby greats, but the man himself is a Scottish Chiropractic great in our eyes, And if you haven't heard Donald speak or haven't been able to attend his technique workshops you are missing out. Once we had heard him speak we had to get him onto your podcast.  Donald opens up and really drops some knowledge bombs, open your ears, switch on that brain on and soak up as much as possible.  What did we cover: Leaving the army to study Chiropractic. Apply for Chiro college while in Iraq. Getting the kitchen sink thrown at him at Palmer. Finding the Chiro lane. Respecting the adjustment. The smaller toolbox, the bigger the specialist. Getting back to Chiropractic. My lane is not pain. CAN YOU HELP ME? What is Innate Intelligence? E=MC(squared) How to gain confidence in your adjusting. How can your people know that something has changed? Moving a bone with purpose. Looking after one of my rugby heroes! Extraordinary results in practice. Nothing is bigger than life!
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    91 y/o and still practicing and still in love with Chiropractic!


    I can not quite put into words how much fun I had making this, in fact, you can probably see me turning into a fanboy. It was such a blessing to be put in touch with Dr. Jack Donovan DC, and if this doesn’t make your Chiropractic soul smile I’m not sure what will. Dr. Jack Donovan has been serving the profession for over 70 years and along the way, he has learned a lot, got a ton of amazing stories, and meet some incredible people. He really is such an incredible human, he was super generous in sharing a lot of knowledge and probably one of the nicest men I've met in Chiropractic. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN! What did we cover: How he ended up studying at Palmer. Paying $500 dollars to study Chiropractic. 91 years strong and still going strong in practice. You Dad being mates with BJP. How Chiropractic miracles affected his Military career. Building a custom table to adjust during his time in the Forces. Student flatmate of the Lyle Sherman. Studying with Clarence Gonstead. Driving patients to another Chiropractor You got to own it to sell it! Brown baggers…
  • The Chiropractic WHY podcast podcast

    What is your Chiropractic pet peeves?


    We have gone a little left field in this one. We all have those little grips, those things that just grate you, our little pet peeves. Of course, they are probably our pet peeves because we ourselves have all made these mistakes before. Dr. Christian Caswell DC and Jonny sat down to talk through theirs. They cover a lot on this one so keep up. And make sure you are subscribed. What do we cover: “My” innate. Men in Black and Chiropractic?! (Insert blank) Chiropractic... Chiropractic for ME is... Do we stand on the shoulders of greats? Does the philosophy of Chiropractic evolve? Happy faces when you DO NOT adjust! How to communicate our ideas. Be the Chiropractor who never adjusts. Check - Adjust (if needed)- Check Learning from Dentistry.  PS - Rule number 9!

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