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Hosted by beloved design-insider Michael Boodro, The Chairish Podcast looks behind the glamour of the interior design industry at a time when all aspects of the business, from sourcing to marketing to client communication to underlying business models are undergoing rapid disruption. Drawing on experience and insights from today’s top practitioners, including leading designers, architects and manufacturers, this podcast is an essential tool for interior design professionals.

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  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    Design + Inclusion: Black Creatives on What's Ahead


    As the design world comes to terms with its lack of representation, diversity and inclusion, Black designers, artists, and artisans are forging ahead, creating collectives and support groups to encourage, inspire, and promote the work of their members. Three members of one such group, the Black Artists and Designers Guild—founder Malene Barnett, interior designer Beth Diana Smith, and furniture maker Jomo Tariku—tell why such groups are so important, how social media inspires action, what they see ahead, and why they are no longer look for traditional mainstream support or press acclaim as they pursue their creative visions. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    Should You Publish A Coffee Table Book?


    So many designers are publishing beautiful volumes of their work these days, it virtually seems to be a career requirement. But are design books still relevant? What really goes into producing one? And is publishing one something you should consider? Book packager Jill Cohen, publisher Suzanne Slesin, and designer Ashley Whitaker, who just released her first book, reveal the truth behind the glossy pages, and tell why the right kind of photography is crucial, how much work goes into preparing one—and how much it costs—and why a book could be the best investment a designer can make. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

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  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    How Can Design Make A Difference?


    The generosity of designers is widely known, and the number of benefits and showhouses to raise funds for worthy causes make clear how much designers care. But expensive black- tie dinners and elaborate room makeovers aren’t the only ways to help. Three top talents—Charlotte Moss, James Huniford, and Kelly Finley—discuss their innovative philanthropic work, how their clever ideas and hands-on approach benefit national and local causes, how to use your skills and draw upon your networks, resources, and vendors for help, and why social media can be your best friend in helping to raise awareness—and funds—for the causes you are passionate about. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    Can Interior Design Become Sustainable?


    Building, renovating, and redesigning involves vast quantities of shipping, packaging, and waste but in the face of climate change, designers are beginning to grapple with sustainability. But what can a single designer do? Three experts—Katie Storey, founder of the Good Future Design Alliance, designer Laurence Carr, and Susan Inglis, executive director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council—outline simple steps every designer can take, strategies on how to involve clients, how to recycle, and why changing mindsets is even more important than revamping rooms. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    What You Need To Know About Working With A Photographer


    Beautiful images of their work have become a necessary tool for any designer—used everywhere from websites to social media to magazines, books, and newspapers. But how do you find the right photographer? How much will you need to pay? And how do you turn what can be a fraught process into a rewarding, creative endeavor? Chairish's photo editor Julia Duquette and acclaimed interiors photographer Brittany Ambridge weigh in on every detail a designer needs to understand—from contracts to costs to copyright—to make this crucial collaboration successful. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    How Resale is Revitalizing Home, Fashion and the Environment


    This summer’s severe weather—floods, droughts, wildfires—made it more clear than ever that we need to become better stewards of the planet. But how can home design and fashion become more responsive? Jennifer Sey, Executive Vice President & President of Levi’s Brand and Anna Brockway, Co-Founder & President of Chairish discuss how their respective industries are changing, why vintage is crucial, and how something as simple as keeping pieces longer can have a major impact. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    Expanded Family, Limited Space—the New Design Dilemma


    Even before Covid, housing shortages, high rents, and rising real estate prices were challenging the ideal of the single-family home. Now the pandemic has disrupted the living situation of thousands of elder parents and young adults, made clear the central importance of family, and led to thousands of multi-generational households. But what to do when a family expands, but its space doesn’t? Designers Janie Molster, Shari Francis, and Brynn Olson discuss how design can come to the aid of the newly enlarged household, why walls and doors are back, the importance of workspaces and private nooks, and why mother-in-law apartments may just be the next big design trend. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    Designing the Next Generation of Hotels and Restaurants


    After a rough year, hotels and restaurants are back. Gatherings are happening, and travelwill continue, but has the pandemic changed what we expect when we go out, or when wecheck in? How do designers make people feel safe and cared for? Three top hospitalitydesigners—Pamela Babey of BAMO, Matt Berman of Workshop/APD, and Adam Farmerieof AvroKO— share their insights on how business travel will morph, why outdoor spaceswill become more important than ever, how the idea of service is evolving (but why robotsare unlikely to be checking you in), and why the mini-bar will never be the same. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    Can Austin Boom and Still Stay Weird?


    Austin is perhaps the most creative, bohemian city in Texas—the state capitol, a collegetown, a hub for music, food, and fun. But it is also one of the fastest growing cities in the US,with an influx of tech companies and entrepreneurs. In the face of all the new wealth andgentrification, what is to become of the city’s design scene? Three passionate Austinlovers—designers Fern Santini, Avery Cox, and Malcolm James Kutner—weigh in on itschanging culture, the growing sophistication of clients, and ways the town can sustaincraftsmanship and collaboration and not lose its bohemian heart. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • The Chairish Podcast podcast

    Why Is British Style Back?


    Americans have had a long love affair with British style, but the relaxed, layered, and richly detailed rooms the British seem to create so effortlessly often don’t jibe with the hectic American lifestyle—or the pared-down architecture of so many American houses and apartments. It isn’t easy to live the Downton Abbey life on this side of the Atlantic. Yet a new generation of young US designers and clients are increasingly attracted to the comfort and worn elegance of English rooms. Two exemplars of classic British style, designer Penny Morrison and Sue Jones, a founder of OKA, tell how the British look is evolving, why comfort and confidence remain all-important, how American energy can reinvigorate tradition, and why dogs are so crucial to the look. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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