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Episode 33 of The Artists Contemporary Podcast is now live and this weeks guest is @o_artdujour. @o_artdujour was the first Writer in Resident on The Artists Contemporary, tune in to learn more about the pieces that she wrote for the platform. Olivia did a range of works and one included an in conversation with @kemionabuleart - you can read this in full on our website. Olivia is currently studying at Sotheby’s institute and while being there she has joined the student run magazine @madeinbedmag. Olivia writes all the reviews for the magazine and this is something that she wants to pursue after her masters. One of Olivia’s favourite artists is @amandapandaba who is currently exhibited in Get A Load of This by @mollieebarnes (@she_curates_) and @danielraphael_gallery. Amanda’s work is currently Olivia’s most wanted work for her own collection. Tune in to also learn about what books she recommended and to learn more about her. Remember to follow @o_artdujour to keep up to date with her projects snd @madeinbedmag.

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  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Rene Gonzalez


    Episode 44 of The Artists Contemporary Podcast with London based artist @rene_thatpainterguy Rene’s practice revolves around painting and his own relationship to nature and his environment. Having lived in Canada, Costa Rica and London, he depicts worlds that merge and fantasies these habitats. Rene studied at @cglartschool which saw his practice change from street art to painting. Rene creates mostly large scale paintings that depict a world that feels familiar to the viewer yet has a utopian feel to. Rene has exhibited within the UK and internationally including shows at @messumswiltshire and @kristinhjellegjerdegallery, in 2021 Rene will be taking part in Arc Painswick first exhibition ‘The Garden of Eden’ @arc.stay Tune in to learn more about @rene_thatpainterguy and the worlds that he creates within his work.
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Luisa Me


    ‘Luisa Me have operated as an artistic duo since meeting at the Accademia di Belli Arti di Urbino in 2016, their pseudonymous title borrowed from an Italian colloquialism roughly translated to ‘him with me’. Their interdisciplinary practice engages with the artistic and cultural traditions of their Italian heritage, depicting distinctive Christ-like characters, employing altarpiece arrangements and recalling religious architecture through sculptural reliefs. Similarly, the beachfront existence of the artists’ native, coastal Pesaro aesthetically invades through sun-bleached, weathered textures, produced by a sustained addition and sanding back of paint (at points perforating the canvas), as well as ornamental marble dusted vase visage, their surface akin to seaside salt crystals. In The Crab Chair, Luisa Me introduce for the first time an extended narrative framework, with the artworks and accompanying short story not only inspired by Camusian concepts of absurdity and late-20th century Italian cinema’s fondness for a skyline punctuated by cranes and construction, but also their first-hand experience of maintaining a studio in South Bermondsey, a target in recent years for property developers speculatively seeking to preempt the area’s inevitable gentrification. Here, figures partake in cultish, tribal rituals within a paradisal, spa-like oasis inside the surrounding scaffolding and concrete cityscape, a marine mirage of high-heeled clawfoot bathtubs. This primitive, pious populace parade one another around, arms linked to form a four-handed seat (‘Pope chair’ in Pesaro parlance), as a tale of Kafkian metamorphosis unfolds across the three-floors of 9 French Place, resulting in therianthropic human-crab hybrids, hard-shelled, thick-skinned and ready to face the trials and tribulations of a city in constant construction. Luisa Me and Hector Campbell would like to thank Mauro Mattei for facilitating the exhibition. For press enquiries please contact [email protected] ‘ Hector Campbell
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  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Alfie Rouy


    Episode 42 of The Artists Contemporary Podcast is now live and this weeks guest is @alfie.rouy who is currently exhibited on The Artists Contemporary Atelier in A Fingers Click of Time. Alfie is a London based artist who recently graduated from @camberwellual. Alfie’s work looks into the representation of feelings and investigating those moments. Through the use of his own imagery Alfie is representing different energies and emotions. Alfie finds a lot of inspiration from the natural world and isn’t an artist who references history/contemporary art. Within Alfie’s work you can see his fascination with the natural world through the forms and tones within his work. A Fingers Click of Time is an online presentation of Alfie’s work that looks into those moments of energy when people are really happy, sad or angry. To view the exhibition in full please visit our website. Thank you so much for listening!
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    The Podcast with Stacie McCormick, Manon Steyaert and Ally Rosenberg


    The Podcast Evening with @stacie_art, @manonsteyaertart and @allyrosenbergartist hosted by @anna_s_woodward at @hackneydownsstudios is now available to listen to on The Artists Contemporary Podcast. On the 23rd September @the_artists_contemporary hosted a live podcast evening to run alongside its exhibition at @hackneydownsstudios - The Podcast. The Podcast Exhibition celebrated 1 year of The Artists Contemporary Podcast, through curation the exhibition celebrates artists working across a range of different genres and mediums showing the breath of artists that @the_artists_contemporary works with. Thank you to @stacie_art @manonsteyaertart and @allyrosenbergartist for joining and to @hackneydownsstudios for their support with the exhibitions.
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Hector Campbell


    Episode 41 of The Artists Contemporary Podcast, Anna is joined by London based curator, writer and @collectivending member @campbell.hector. Hector studied Art History at Bristol University, while studying he immersed himself in the street art scene and eventually working with Lonely Planet to produce a publication. After graduating Hector moved to London and shifted his focus into the contemporary emerging art world. After graduating Hector worked in research within the Christie’s contemporary at department. Here was an amazing chance to learn more about the contemporary artists going through the auction houses. He then moved onto a sales position within a contemporary gallery in Mayfair. Post covid he is has moved to becoming a freelance writer and curating his own projects/exhibitions in an out of @collectivending. Hector’s most recent exhibition ‘Wishbone’ at @yamamotokeikorochaix with work by @billy_fraser and @mitchvowles. Wishbone transports you back to childhood memories through Mitch’s personal childhood identity and ancestry, and Billy’s memories of bone fire night, fun fairs and Halloween. This summer Hector launched his weekly newsletter than takes the content of his Instagram into a weekly release. The newsletter holds a 400-500 word review of a contemporary exhibition, exhibition recommendations and creative opportunities. As mentioned Hector is one of the founding members of @collectivending. Collective Ending is a south London studio and gallery share house founded by 12 artists and writers. Each year they run a different exhibition and project program that exhibits their members but also gives the opportunity to artists and curators outside the collective. Follow @campbell.hector to keep up to date with all his exhibitions, recommendations and reviews. Also follow @collectivending to learn more about the collective but also for the exhibition program.
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Mady Berry


    Episode 40 of The Artists Contemporary Podcast is now out and this weeks guest is @mady_berry who has recently been exhibited in To the power of 5. In the episode @mady_berry and Anna discuss in depth Mady’s work and it’s representation. A lot of Mady’s works investigates and explores her own personal emotions through abstract representation and mods. Mady’s is trained and works as a custom designer and also creates performance pieces. The worlds that are built in the paintings started to come into themselves during covid. But also Mady as an artist to make the whole world that she is imagining and not just the world to make the costume. As Mady’s practice moves forward she wants to look into bringing the two together. To view the works discussed in this episode please email Anna to receive the exhibition catalogue for To the power of 5.
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Grace Mattingly


    Episode 39 of The Artists Contemporary Podcast is now Live! This weeks guest is London based painter @grace__mattingly. Grace has recently graduated from an MFA at @sladeschool, before she was studying liberal arts at Columbia. Grace’s work is an investigation into colour, material and being through her bold mark making and deep research into colour theory. Grace work is currently focusing on the colour palette of orange, red, yellow and pink. With these colours she works between paper and watercolour to larger oil paintings. Grace talks about her research into mediums snd surfaces to get oil paint to work in the same fluidity as watercolour on a larger scale. Grace meditates every day before going to the studio, from here she quickly sketches down what she has seen. The second sketches are loose and almost note . When in the studio Grace will work from these drawings to create her pieces. Grace is currently exhibited in The Artists Contemporary’s online exhibition - To the Power of 5. To view the exhibition please visit our website. Thank you so much for listening and please remember to like and share the podcast.
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Diane Chappalley


    This weeks guest on episode 38 of The Artists Contemporary Podcast is @dianechappalley Diane is a London based artist whose practice focuses on painting and most recently ceramics. She studied at @cglartschool and the @sladeschool. Diane work explores the forest floor and the world within in. She depicts the worlds that we don’t see or focus on as walk, pushing them beyond reality and into their own world. When creating work Diane doesn’t have a fixed plan, she carves the painting out of the raw painting. This technique can also be seen in her recent exploration into ceramics. Diane is currently working on a brand new series of clay flowers for a duo show in September with @annareading. Diane talks about her approach to scale and how she feels that her large and smaller works have a different feel and energy to them. They are doing completely different things, Anna and Diane discus how the different scales almost create two different mediums with her work. From the smaller works being a close and intimate moment on the canvas to the large works depicting a large section of flowers and forest. Follow @dianechappalley to keep up to date with all her latest work and exhibitions! Thank you for listening! Also remember that if you like the podcast please like, share and tell and friend
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Olivia Mundy


    Episode 37 of The Artists Contemporary podcast ! This weeks guest is Camberwell 2021 graduate @oliviamundy_ Olivia is a London based painter who creates large scale paintings, that depict a foreign world. She creates her piece through the building up of thin layers of acrylic set on a white or black background. Through the process of thin layering creates intense and vivid colours, that often centre around the palette of rich and dark reds, browns and purples. Olivia is currently working towards a project with @thorpstavri which will be her first major exhibition since leaving @camberwellpaintinggraduates. Olivia and Anna discuss the changes and working life adjusting that happens after you graduate from art school. @marcus___nelson recent solo exhibition Scar Tissue at @thebombfactoryartfoundation has really inspired and influenced Olivia. Particularly Marcus’ use of colour but also the way he applies the paint. Thank you so much for listening to The Artists Contemporary Podcast. Please remember to like and share to help others find it. Follow @oliviamundy_ to keep up to date with all her amazing paintings!
  • The Artists Contemporary Podcast podcast

    Elsa Rouy


    Episode 36 of The Artists Contemporary is now available to listen to! This weeks guest is the amazing @elsa.rouy Elsa is a London based artist who’s practice explores the representation of the inner self and the side that one is told not to show society. Elsa is a painter and has recently graduated from @camberwellual. Elsa paintings depict a distorted being that you see repeated and travel through her work in different situations and engagements. Elsa is fascinated with the idea of bodily fluids and how we are told they are ‘disgusting’ but without them we are dead. Elsa looks into the normalisation and exposure of these fluids and makes them just as much the subject of her work. Elsa is currently preparing for her second solo show with @guts_gallery. In this exhibition Elsa will be incorporating her installation/3D work with 5 paintings. The work to the viewer will be able to read as one piece and taken through a journey of experiences and emotions. Follow @elsa.rouy to keep up to date with her latest work and also @guts_gallery to find out about their latest exhibitions and championed artists!

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