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Why It's So Important To Find Your Community - with Dan Andrews

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Welcome to "The Art of Selling Online Courses" podcast! Today's guest is Dan Andrews co-founder of the Tropical MBA podcast and blog.

In 2009, Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen started an innovative e-commerce venture, pioneering remote work and lifestyle entrepreneurship. Through the Tropical MBA podcast and blog, they shared their journey, attracting listeners eager to build their own online businesses. This led to the formation of a tight-knit community sharing a vision for location independence.

In 2011, this community moved from online to in-person, meeting on a tropical island, laying the foundation for the Dynamite Circle—a network now boasting over a thousand members. Over the years, this community has flourished, driven by mutual support and the shared experience of navigating the entrepreneurial path. Dan Andrews' role in this movement has been crucial, not just in business, but in creating a platform for lifestyle entrepreneurs worldwide to connect and grow.

Tropical MBA Website:
Dynamite Circle Website:

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