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$10M Education Business & Building Creator Courses - with Olly Richards

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Welcome to "The Art of Selling Online Courses" podcast! Today's guest is Olly Richards, a distinguished individual who wears multiple hats as a teacher, author, speaker, and passionate language learner.

Olly teaches languages through the power of storytelling which stemmed from a riveting near-death experience atop a mountain. Throughout his remarkable journey, Olly has left an indelible mark, having authored over 30 language books, forged collaborations with prestigious universities, and earned recognition through appearances in BBC documentaries.

Visitors to his platform are treated to a wealth of resources, including language tutorials, captivating videos documenting his language-learning endeavours, engaging podcasts, and exclusive access to his premium courses.

Beyond his educational pursuits, Olly is also the driving force behind a thriving $10 million education business where he helps content creators to build courses just like his!

Olly's Website:

Olly's Language Learning Website:

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