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Amy Lang: Having the "Sex Talk" with Kids of All Ages

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With the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade where about half the states in the US which bans abortion, having kids learn about sex has become crucial. But how young is too young?

Many of us feel it’s awkward, may not want to divulge too much, just want to preserve their innocence, and so on. So how do we go about it? My guest today is here to help!

Amy Lang, MA has been a sexual health educator for over 25 years. With her lively, engaging, and down-to-earth style she helps parents become their kid’s go-to birds and bees source. Amy’s books, online solutions center, and podcast show parents that they can become their kid’s go-to birds and bees source.

She also provides childhood sexual development and sexual abuse prevention training for early childhood and youth-serving organizations. Amy is still married to her first husband and they are getting the hang of parenting their recently launched man-child. She lives in Seattle WA and you can learn more about her work at and

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