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Tenfold More Wicked

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Tenfold More Wicked takes listeners on a gruesome trip through history with chilling campfire stories of true crime. It's a unique blend of narrative nonfiction storytelling and investigative journalism. Host Kate Winkler Dawson takes a deep dive into the lives of victims...and killers. And how they made history.  Now in its tenth season, "Entitled" is a historical true crime story that meets a political scandal in the colony of Virginia, ten years before the Revolutionary War. “Entitled” is about the deaths of three men in the 18th century, how they changed history and about protecting the wealthy and the powerful.   Also featured: Wicked Words: a weekly true crime chat show hosted by Kate Winkler Dawson  Host Kate Winkler Dawson interviews a journalist, writer or other professional about their best true crime cases. Explore the story behind some of history's most infamous cases. Past interviews include the filmmaker who investigated the Long Island serial killer, the forensic psychologist who spent years exploring the mind of BTK killer Dennis Rader, the author who makes a compelling case for the owl theory behind Kathleen Peterson’s death and the author who later realized their beloved childhood babysitter was a serial killer.  Tenfold More Wicked and Wicked Words are part of the Exactly Right podcast network that provides a platform for bold, creative voices to bring to life provocative, entertaining and relatable stories for audiences everywhere. The Exactly Right roster of podcasts covers a variety of topics including historic true crime, comedic interviews and news, science, pop culture and more. Podcasts on the network include Buried Bones with Kate Winkler Dawson and Paul Holes, That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast, This Podcast Will Kill You, Bananas and more.

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