Tales of a Red Clay Rambler: A pottery and ceramic art podcast podcast

460: Sana Musasama on her art and activism

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Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Sana Musasama. Spanning more than four decades, Sana’s career has been a blend of art making, teaching, and activism. In our interview we talk about how her travels across West Africa in the 1970s set her on a path to understanding other cultures through art making. We also discuss her activism and why it is important to make joyous objects in light of world events. In addition to her art practice, she has taught at many art institutions including Hunter College, City College of New York, and John Jay College in New York City. For more information visit www.sana-musasama.com.


I’m happy to announce that I’ll be jurying The Clay Center of New Orleans upcoming exhibition “Less is More”. This juried exhibition is open to ceramic vessels, sculptures, and wall-mounted works, and celebrates earthenware clay and low-fire surface techniques. Application deadline is April 15th so visit https://www.nolaclay.org/call-for-entries to apply today.


Today’s episode is brought to you by the following sponsors:


For the past 100 years, AMACO Brent has been creating ceramic supplies for our community ranging from underglazes to electric kilns, and they have no plans of slowing down. www.amaco.com


The Bray is actively committed to promoting, celebrating, and sustaining the ceramic arts through its residency program, education center, and gallery. www.archiebray.org


The Rosenfield Collection of Functional Ceramic Art is an on-line source for research and inspiration, featuring images of thousands of objects made by over 900 artists. www.Rosenfieldcollection.com.

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