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Sure Thing

Andrew Wolfe & Josh Armstrong

This is a financial comedy podcast with Andrew Wolfe and Josh Armstrong. Sure Thing is fiction. Sure Thing is not a source of legitimate financial advice. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice from anybody else.

35 épisodes

  • Sure Thing podcast

    Nang King Massacre


    A man goes into a Doctor, he says "Doc, I'm depressed, I don't think I can take it anymore, I've been thinking about killing myself". The Doctor says "Pierrot the Clown is performing tonight, that should cheer you up." The show is sold out, the man instead spends his money on the Patreon. He necks himself, but his credit card doesn't expire until 2025 so it works out pretty good for us and we make a bit extra when I don't need to buy a t-shirt.
  • Sure Thing podcast

    Blue Light Brothel


    Taking over Brigadoon one propaganda poster at a time. T-shirts now available. Listen early at our Patreon
  • Sure Thing podcast

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  • Sure Thing podcast

    Bring Me My Machine Gun


    Debates become heated, dick-taties examined, judgement is passed. We're purging ourselves of our evils through bile and hate, spinning up the cult of personality and joining everybody down in the countryside to FASEA the music. 
  • Sure Thing podcast



    Do you really identify with your gender? Give it some thought. The Plague Doctors are doing a robbery, scouring the shelves for the Guinness World Records book and booking a ticket to join the Taliban on a team building exercise that will last the rest of their lives. There are Chinese gulags where as many as 3 million Uyghur and other Muslim peoples have been detained.   Early access on Patreon. All the links at
  • Sure Thing podcast

    Ice Cream Cum


    Self sucking through the glory hole in your face mask. Ouroblowus.   Released early on Patreon.
  • Sure Thing podcast

    Please, Miss Gender Was My Father


    We've spent the last day digging a grave for ourselves and for you. This episode is a true car crash - curly dick and his robotic friend are finally in together in person. The thin veil of sobriety burns away around 1:20. Play quickdraw with a murderer, make no noise during sex and remember, it's not phobic because you aren't afraid of anything.
  • Sure Thing podcast

    Behind the Curtain


    Get your real estate license through repetitive concussion and CTE. Nobody is impressed by your expensive curtains when you made all your money importing and exporting brake discs for farming equipment. Council pick up is a permanent fixture are your neighbour's front lawn - raise your fists and get in their face in an attempt to win your life back.
  • Sure Thing podcast

    Back to Basics


    Recorded in January.   Stop eating and watch the fat that comprises the majority of your personality disappear. It's a post-apocalyptic wasteland and we're the only podcast with the solution. Start a war, suck the tailpipe of a Ford Bronco and join the Patreon to get episodes early. Shot in the back of the head, left for dead, cheeseburger in one hand, fat fake milkers pushing up the dirt as you're lowered into the ground in your Greyhound coffin. Return to sender at
  • Sure Thing podcast

    Pussy Akimbo


    Silviu loves us, Bernie is RIPping it up in heaven and even the audience plants are experiencing a sad quagmire of self-pity. Very wearisome with few redeeming qualities.   Are you in Perth? Andrew is performing at the Perth Comedy Festival. Shockingly he has not been featured on the front page of the website, but despite the best efforts of festivals around Australia to silence him, he has almost sold out his run at the the Regal Theatre. Tickets from He's also coming to Gold Coast/Brisbane at the end of May.
  • Sure Thing podcast

    Executive Decision


    Smashing through the trampoline that was supposed to save us from the depths of despair, the bounce has become a climb with nary an "R U Okay?". Ripped of karate kids and questionable wording from a couple of smug fucks. Green belts are now $35 and if you don't pay up we're gonna nick your coats.   See Wolfey live at MICF:

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