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The street rod, custom rod and classic truck enthusiast never forgets the past. Street Rod & Custom Radio carries on the tradition that started it all by revealing the hottest, most innovative cars in rodding today. Street Rod & Custom Radio features innovative technical how-tos and classic styling ideas for cars covered through 1964. Listeners are also treated to the most comprehensive event coverage from coast-to-coast. From cutting-edge hot rods to stylish customs, learn how you can reinvent your hobby.

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  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Colo's Classic Car Show | FULL SHOW | #159


    Colo's Classic Car Show at the Columbus Zoo was a huge success, thanks in part to celebrity guest Chip Foose. We bring in a few guests who helped make the show great. They'll fill us in on how they put on such a fantastic event year after year! We also get a much needed lesson on radiators and keeping our hot rods running cool. Segment 1: Kindness for the Sake of Kindness Segment 2: Creative Werks Segment 3: Keeping Your Cool Segment 4: No Chip on His Shoulder Segment 5: Bringing Families Together Segment 6: Count Your Lucky Stickers
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Kindness for the Sake of Kindness | SEGMENT 1 | #159


    Boots had an eventful weekend, and he'll be bringing on a special guest to talk about it. But first, he and Ryan remind us to help others out simply for the sake of being nice to others. As Ryan says, you get what you are, so give out some good!
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

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  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Creative Werks | SEGMENT 2 | #159


    Bob Folkestad, the President of Creative Werks, has a long history with cars. In the past he has been involved with race teams, which gave him a ton of knowledge that he now uses to help car owners of all kinds. Find out more about Bob in this segment.
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Keeping Your Cool | SEGMENT 3 | #159


    Does your car have problems staying cool? Not anymore! Bob Folkestad explains how radiators work, where to mount them, and the biggest mistake people make when trying to keep their vehicles from overheating.
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    No Chip on His Shoulder | SEGMENT 4 | #159


    Car world legend Chip Foose (@chipfoose)made an appearance at the Columbus Zoo recently. What is it that makes Chip such a great guy? Boots mulls this over with Mac Tools (@Mac_Tools)Vice President, Robert Holmes.
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Bringing Families Together | SEGMENT 5 | #159


    Colo's Classic Car Show at the Columbus Zoo was a huge success! Tracy Murnane tells us the benefit of holding it in such a locale is the families it brings in and the great exposure it gives zoos that are working to protect species from extinction. This year's show brought in over 13,000 visitors! Will next year, the 10th anniversary, be bigger?
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Count Your Lucky Stickers | SEGMENT 6 | #159


    Ryan is bummed he didn't get to go to Colo's Classic Car Show, but luckily he has Boots to tell him about it. Boots also shares a story about why he keeps the window sticker from every car he's ever owned, and how one in particular came in handy recently.
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Products We Know And Love | FULL SHOW | #158


    This week we're all about the upgrades! Rick Love from Vintage Air has everything for your air conditioning needs, and Rusty Bell from has just about everything else! Let's see what we can learn from these two. Segment 1: Must See Movies Segment 2: Vintage Air Segment 3: Making Cruising Cool Segment 4: The Rusty Bell Segment 5: Out With The Old Segment 6: In With The New
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Must See Movies | SEGMENT 1 | #158


    Right off the bat, Boots and Ryan begin arguing over which movies are a must see, how Ryan spends his free time, and what you call something that doesn't make sense (hint: the answer is not "your life"). Then, we get ready to meet our guests, Rick Love from Vintage Air and Rusty Bell from
  • Street Rod & Custom Radio podcast

    Vintage Air | SEGMENT 2 | #158


    Executive Vice President Rick Love of Vintage Air joins to tell us about how the company is making cruising 'cool' (pun intended). They've been installing air conditioning in hot rods of all makes and models for 40 years now! Let's hear more from Rick.

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