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We are highly opinionated film and TV buffs, critics, writers, and journalists who spend every minute of our free time on all the streaming platforms. Each show, we watch a show or film and tell you whether they’re worth watching! The show is in 3 parts: Part 1: We gab about everything else we're watching Part 2: A NO-SPOILER zone about the main feature Part 3: A deep-dive, where we go into our faves, hangups and general wild card topics *BE A FAN* Subscribe, share, and comment! Find our full shownotes at Stream it or Leave it on Substack, and subscribe for alerts each time we release a new episode. Follow us @StreamitLeaveit on Instagram and TikTok, and @stream_leave on Twitter. *YOUR HOSTS* Shindy Chen New York City and Miami-based former video store worker, Founder & CEO at Scribe, published author, former film critic and entertainment writer, speaker, and media contributor. @shindychen on Instagram & Twitter, @realshindychen on TikTok Jeff Kuns Los Angeles-based ghostwriter, painter, esoteric explorer, BizDev at Scribe. Instagram: @spqanglemaker Stream it or Leave it Podcast copyright Pod Barn, LLC. For questions or sponsorship inquiries, email [email protected]

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