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Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin, BCBA

Sr+ is a positively reinforcing podcast for Behavior Analysts (BCBA), autism professionals, and leaders of human service organizations. Sr+ is brought to you by Arizona Autism United (, a nonprofit organization with a mission to help as many families as possible with individualized supports. Sr+ features interviews with colleagues and professionals in various fields, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The show is hosted by Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin, BCBA and CEO of AZA United. To contact the host, send a message through LinkedIn:

22 épisodes

  • Sr Plus podcast

    Possible Series Finale! A conversation with AZA United's clinical leaders


    For what may prove to be the last episode of the Sr+ podcast (we have not fully decided yet), Dr. ABR sits down for a long overdue conversation with two incredible souls. Carey Beranek is our VP & Clinical Director of Children & Youth Services, as well as the president-elect for the AZ Association of Behavior Analysis. Dr. Ehren Werntz is our VP & Clinical Director of Family & Community Services, and leads our state SIG on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). This one is definitely worth a listen!
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    COVID-19 Support for ABA Organizations


    In this special episode we welcome back two previous guests, Lorri Unumb from the Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP), and Sara Litvak from the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.  We discuss the resources and support each has been providing for leaders of ABA organizations during the COVID-19 emergency period.
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  • Sr Plus podcast

    Jonathan Tarbox - Scaling Clinical Quality


    Dr. Jonathan Tarbox is the Program Director of the MS ABA program at USC, Director of Research at FirstSteps for Kids, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Behavior Analysis in Practice, and a well-known leader in the field. In this episode we examine how autism services organizations can take a values-based approach to expansion, so that as they grow they can successfully scale clinical quality. We discuss his experience, observations, pitfalls to avoid, and suggestions for organizations to grow with purpose.
  • Sr Plus podcast

    Lauren Solotar - May Institute


    Dr. Lauren Solotar is CEO of the May Institute and President of their National Autism Center, where she manages the senior leadership team and oversees expansion of global services.  As a licensed psychologist, she previously served as Chief Clinical Officer to set quality standards for clinical practice, training programs and research. She is an expert in cognitive behavior therapy and treating eating and anxiety disorders, with research published in several peer-reviewed journals.
  • Sr Plus podcast

    Lorri Unumb - Why Insurance Now Pays for ABA


    Lorri Unumb is best known for leading a nationwide effort to get state mandates passed that require insurance coverage of ABA services for individuals with autism.  She recently transitioned from her role as Head of State Government Affairs for Autism Speaks to CEO for the Council of Autism Service Providers (  In this interview we discuss her personal story, the legislative process, her new role at CASP, changes in the autism services field, and tips for growing organizations.
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    Chris Sullens - CEO of CentralReach


    Chris Sullens is the current CEO of CentralReach, a practice management software for ABA and related autism service provider companies that manages billing, scheduling, data collection and more. In this interview we talk about what the software can do to help organizations, his background in growing technology companies, and how technology is playing an important role in the evolution of the autism services field. Learn more at
  • Sr Plus podcast

    Dexter Braff - Private Equity Invests in Autism & ABA Services


    Dexter Braff is the President of The Braff Group, a leading health care mergers and acquisitions advisor specializing in autism services.  Since starting in 1998, the firm has completed more than 325 health care deals.  In this episode, we discuss the wave of private equity investment that is sweeping the autism and ABA services industry across the nation, especially over the last two years. Dexter explains what private equity is and shares insight on how the field is rapidly changing as a result.
  • Sr Plus podcast

    Sara Litvak - Behavioral Health Center of Excellence


    Join us for some invaluable tips from Sara Litvak of the BHCOE.  They provide accreditation for ABA organizations and have identified best practices and suggestions for organizations to grow successfully and ethically.  This episode also features an update from your host Dr. ABR on his organization, AZA United, and what's going on with their expansion efforts.  Lots of great tidbits for organizational leaders and BCBAs to digest in this episode as our field is experiencing transformational change.  
  • Sr Plus podcast

    Season 2 Trailer - Organizational Expansion


    Many organizations across the country are focused on growth. Season 2 will take an inside at look at what's going in the autism ABA field, with interviews from guests that can teach us something about successful expansion. As your host, I will also provide a behind-the-scenes look at how AZA United is approaching the challenge.  You can learn more about that in this blog:
  • Sr Plus podcast

    Patrick Progar - Princeton Child Development Institute


    Dr. Patrick Progar, BCBA-D, is the Executive Director of Princeton Child Development Institute in New Jersey. In this episode we discuss the history and program models of PCDI, as well as Patrick's background in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

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