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Jaime McLaughlin: Speaking for Your Needs, Investing in Yourself, and Making Empowered Decisions

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I am so excited to share with you my conversation with Jaime McLaughlin, founder of the Mac House Co., host of the Unfiltered Motherhood Podcast, and lifestyle coach for moms. She is definitely bringing the FIRE for us mamas today as she dives into the importance of speaking for your needs - without the GUILT we so often feel as moms. She also shares her own recent experiences with fighting burnout, as well as a few empowered decisions she herself has had to make for her marriage, business, and personal self-care. No matter what season of life or motherhood you are in right now, this episode is sure to be the encouragement and empowerment you need!

About Jaime:

Jaime is a lifestyle coach for moms, a self-care strategist, and a professional hair and makeup artist. She is the founder of The Mac House Co. and the host of The Unfiltered Motherhood Podcast. Through her educational platform, Jaime helps women prioritize self-care daily - without the mom guilt. She is passionate about helping women take care of themselves in the midst of a selfless season of life and truly learn to thrive in all areas.


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