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Soldiers for Peace

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During the Vietnam War, roughly one in five GIs actively opposed the conflict. Many servicemen and women came to believe they were not liberating the country from communism but acting as agents of tyranny. In the combat zone, they rebelled against their commanders' orders. At home, they staged massive protests. Soldiers for Peace offers a first-person look at how GIs were transformed by Vietnam, and the strategies veterans and active-duty personnel used to bring the war to an end.

2 épisodes

  • Soldiers for Peace podcast

    Soldiers for Peace, Part 2


    As the war dragged on, veteran and GI opposition grew. They held their own war crimes hearings and brought the fight to Washington.
  • Soldiers for Peace podcast

    Soldiers for Peace, Part 1


    Opposition to the Vietnam War among active duty GIs and veterans was organized, intense and widespread. But that story is mainly forgotten.
  • Soldiers for Peace podcast

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