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Tynan Sinks, Sable Yong

Tynan Sinks and Sable Yong — friends, beauty editors, award-winning fragrance writers (some of us), and scent fiends — are giving the world the podcast no one asked for. Smell Ya Later explores every imaginable angle at which we interact with the aromas and odors in our lives, the scents that have seared themselves into our memory, and scents that inform the way we envision our future. That includes everything from fine fragrance to candles to dish soap. Follow @smellyalater.mp3 on Instagram for episode updates and probably some memes. Theme song by Pasquale D'Silva; Cover art by Lily Ng

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    The Smell Of DEATH (To Them All) [Remix]


    It's spooky season once again and we're bubbling up this very seasonal episode on THE SMELL OF DEATH from a year ago with neuroscientist and cadaver scholar, Mo Costandi. It's not just a copy/paste — that's not our style, no, what the hell. We, of course, include an all-new, updated, present-day, overwrought overture, as is our style indeed. Also, we have so many new smells to tell you about! So, even if you are familiar with the smell of death (our episode, not the actual smell), there are reasons to give it  another listen. Find Mo Costandi on Twitter at @mocost and Read more about what death smells like here:[What we smell like today: Louis Vuitton Spell On You, The Nue Co. Mind Energy]
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    We've Had Enough Of This Scent-less Violence


    Added fragrance in beauty products gets a bad rep these days. But given the likelihood that most products "don't work" anyway, may we at least reap some sensorial joy out of greasing up our slowly deteriorating mortal vessels with our little creams and potions, please? If you can slather it, we've smelled it, and this episode contains our favorite non-fragrance fragranced products. What else:Tynan doesn't know how to do laundrySable is the worst rock starI'm a little lad who loves Botox and cream The Ariana Grande Cloud Atlas UltimateSable was not a teenage klepto ;)Is there such a thing as a round fetish?No, I'm seriously askingThe surprise best lip product for male-identifying makeup wearers[What we smell like today: Diptyque Kyoto, Dior Vanilla Diorama]
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    The Extreme Intense Pleasure Paradox


    We've been noticing a perfume pattern that suggests a move towards indulgence, intensity, and the extreme. What could it mean? Listen to us trying to figure it out for nearly the time commitment of a feature-length film.This episode has everything: A list of perfumesA list of their "extreme," "intense," and in some cases "Eau fraîche" flankersThings we like :)Things we do not like :(Sable reveals the worst fruitTynan  reveals what size his bed isThe illusion of morality in beautyThe paradox of pleasure and restraintJokes![What we smell like today: Etat Libre d'Orange She's an Anomaly, Parfums De Marly Oriana]
  • Smell Ya Later podcast

    Reinventing The Wheel With Cloud


    You asked, and we deliver. Not that wouldn't have thought to do so of our own accord, but it just so happens all our interests and obsessions align with the release of Ariana Grande Cloud 2.0 Intense —  the more dramatic newborn sibling to our beloved Cloud.  In this episode,  we review the new fragrance (obviously), we break down the nuanced differences between the Intense and the original, we disagree about the word "boyfriend," and also Dolly Parton's fragrance (sorry), we reinvent the fragrance wheel by inserting "cloud" as a scent profile category. Yes, we have it on good olfactive authority that Cloud is a unique and recognizable enough accord that its name deserves respect and promotion. Also because everyone seems to be clocking Cloud as a dupe for this or a "this is the only perfume people compliment on me" that. It's time. We graciously took it upon ourselves to name several contenders that illustrate exactly what we mean.[What we smell like today: Maison Margiela Replica Autumn Vibes, By Kilian Apple Brandy]
  • Smell Ya Later podcast

    The First Maybe Annual Smell Ya Later Awards


    It's been one whole American year for Smell Ya Later. 49 episodes later, we've decided to celebrate and commemorate ourselves  by foisting our opinions onto our listeners once more using the most official and indisputable format we know of: an awards show. We thoughtfully penned the categories and have selected the winners with the gravitas and focus of red-pill-blue-pill methodology. We would like to thank our listeners for tuning in weekly to this very important, innovative, and groundbreaking audio program. We could not do this without your enablement. [What We Smell Like Today:  Abel Cobalt Amber, Le Labo Santal 33]The Awards:Most problematic fragranceThe Frank Voekl award for best skin scentBest celebrity fragrance that isn’t CloudMost triggering scentThe Glow by J.Lo award form most nostalgic fragranceBest Fuckboy ScentWorst BrandThe Sky Ferreira Award for most underrated fragrance or brandThe Shit on Shit AwardThe award for best smelling productBest smelling manBest smelling men’s productBest fragrance product that’s not a fine fragranceCelebrity we wish would do a fragranceBest spiralBest cloudBiggest spraySmelliest SmellRihanna Award For Most Hyped SmellBest AttemptSexiest ArmpitBritney Spears Award For Best Comeback BrandYeezy Award For Sucking Up The Most Air In A RoomMariah Carey Award For Best NoteThe Honda award for best accordMost Influential SmellBest Feeling To Smell Things To
  • Smell Ya Later podcast

    The Perfume Most Likely To Be Seen In A Wes Anderson Film


    In this episode: Tynan's cloud kingdom is fully assembled and he still insists that Kim Kardashian would come on this podcast. Sable recounts the trauma of draining water bulges in her apartment walls post-hurricane and complains about social media. Both of your hosts promise to stop co-opting the intros of these episodes to spiral about personal struggles and instead wax conspiratorial about toxic influencing. And then we talk to Sweden's newest hot boi of scent, Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, and how he captures complex fantastical imaginings of parallel universes and figures in scent form for his very luxuriously anachronistic fragrance collection, Vilhelm Parfumerie.[What we smell like today: KKW Beauty Nude Soleil, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and a lil bit of Etat Libre d'Orange Secretions Magnifique]
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    Smell This Simulation


    What happens when virtual reality co-ops scent for immersive experiences in intentionally manipulative ways to help people become more capable, more at peace, and better equipped to navigate real life? As a tech podcast, which we are now, we are investigating how the power of scent is used in virtual reality applications for good and for evil (maybe?). We have CEO Aaron Wisniewski of OVR Technology on to talk about how they're incorporating scent into virtual reality for all sorts of applications, such as but not limited to: healthcare, mental health, therapy, education, military, and civil service training. [What we smell like: Crabtree & Evelyn Raw Instinct, YSL Black Opium Extreme]
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    I Think I Smell A (Shower) Rat


    Why are the richest and famous-est simply not bathing? And why are they running their mouths about it when they should be running their faucets? Your hosts investigate, disagree (about Jake Jellyhall), sort of agree (about our collective disconnect between the theater of hygiene vs actual cleanliness),  and wax chaotic about bathtub time sucks, sedentary lifestyles, and certain words that are not for the straights.[What we smell like today: Aesop Erémia, Bel Rebel Peach Me]
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    Fenty Fumes, Gasoline Meatballs, & Toxic Girlfriend Tips


    There have been some events happening in the world that can be smelled and then thought about: The Fenty ParFUM: What it smells like. What it's made of. What's the deal with that logo. Also, Rihanna's government name is Robyn?? (It is.)  Also, all these scented stunt products from IKEA and Ford. Plus, some very fascinating and confusing scientific discoveries in a bug's nose about how olfactory receptors work -- that while being very exciting, we are not entirely sure what it means? But we're trying. And that's what matters. Sort of.  New science about how olfactory receptors works: Ford Mach-Eau gasoline(a) perfume that NO ONE CAN BUY:[What we smell like today: Ex Nihilo The Hedonist,  Burberry Her]
  • Smell Ya Later podcast

    Confessions From Behind The Fragrance Counter


    We all remember navigating the mall through the huge beauty floors (because you always had to enter the mall through a department store for some reason) where your friendly fragrance sales associates would be demo-ing the latest,  pungiest (you know what I mean), designer-iest fragrances. Well, we have always wondered what it's like to have one of the most glamorous jobs at the mall: perfume girl. So we decided to talk to one former fragrance demo (and current illustrator and artist extraordinaire), Lauren Tamaki, who has over 10 years of behind-the-counter experience shilling scents to the world (well the part of the world that visited Canadian department stores). Selling fragrance is not unlike speed dating — you're getting to know someone's desires and aspirations and what makes them cringe or go weak in the knees — all in just one sense. It is also not unlike a well-heeled territorial game of survival of the spritziest, as Ms. Tamaki tells us from her time on the sales floor. Check out Lauren Tamaki's  work:[What we smell like today: Victoria's Secret Tease Crème Cloud, Burberry Hero]

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