Screenagers Podcast podcast

Screenagers Podcast

Delaney Ruston, MD

Join Delaney Ruston, MD, a leading authority on parenting in the digital age and the filmmaker of the award-winning Screenagers movies, as she explores strategies for raising screen-wise and tech-balanced youth. Through interviews with researchers, thought leaders, and young people themselves, the Screenagers Podcast delivers the latest in science along with practical tips and important insights that parents will want to share with their kids and teens.

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  • Screenagers Podcast podcast

    Why Care About Social And Emotional Learning?


    As teens head back to school with even more emotional challenges than ever before due to the pandemic, providing them tools to address such challenges is crucial. Studies show that Social and Emotional Learning, called SEL, can help improve emotional wellbeing, academics, and more. In this podcast, Ruston talks with Jordan Posamentier, Director of Policy and Advocacy for Committee for Children, about what constitutes effective SEL programs and how specifically all of us can advocate for getting SEL into all schools.
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    Two Moms, Two Experiments In Less Screen Time


    In today’s episode, Ruston talks with two mothers who have been working to have specific family times with less screen interference. First is a mom of four and her experience of doing screen-free family Sundays. Learn about the upsides and the challenges. The other is a mom in Alaska who has prioritized reading with her kids and how they keep screens at bay during this sacred time.  This episode can be a good launching point for experimenting with new screen-free times in your home. 
  • Screenagers Podcast podcast

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  • Screenagers Podcast podcast

    Parents In Conflict Over Screen Time


    We've all heard the importance of parents showing a united front to their kids about rules. It’s a good thing to be united, but what about when you’re not? In this episode, Dr. Ruston looks at strategies parents can turn to when in disagreement — whether married or divorced. We gain insights from clinical psychologist Laura Kastner, Ph.D., and school counselor Tammy Fisher Huson, Ph.D., who both have spent decades working with youth and parents. And we hear from the researcher, Doug Gentile, who followed 1400 families for a year regarding family rules
  • Screenagers Podcast podcast

    One Family’s Weekly Unplugging Ritual


    We are doing episodes on ways families experiment with having specific times for more togetherness and less screen interference. Today’s show is with Tiffany Shlain and her daughter, Odessa. Tiffany is the founder of the Webby Awards, a filmmaker, and the author of the book 24/6. The podcast explores her family’s weekly ritual of unplugging Friday night to Saturday evening for “Tech Shabbat.” Tiffany and Odessa explain the what, why, and how of their weekly practice. 
  • Screenagers Podcast podcast

    Calling All Kids And Adults: Let’s Rethink Cyberbullying


    When it comes to cyberbullying, what's fact and what's fiction? What do all kids need to know about how to handle online cruelty and how to help those getting targeted? And what can parents and schools do to be most helpful? To answer these and other questions, Dr. Ruston speaks with psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Englander, who has spent decades researching and writing books on these topics.
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    School's In And So Is Anxiety


    This spring, as vaccination rates increase, more schools are opening their campuses for in-person learning. At the same time, anxiety about returning to school is high for many youth.  How do we help our kids and teens who are experiencing anxious feelings related to school? To address this topic, Ruston speaks with a high school student and two child psychologists, Dr. Elizabeth Englander, a researcher, and Dr. Laura Kastner, a clinical psychologist.
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    Recovered Gaming Addict Shares His Story And Advice


    Frustrated with his obsession with video gaming, Cam Adair wrote a post about his struggles that went viral. This led to his starting a movement that has brought together thousands to work to create a balanced life at Cam is an international speaker to yRecovered gaming addict shares his story and adviceouth and their parents about video gaming. Today he shares his powerful personal story along with his wealth of insights for any youth who enjoys video gaming and any parent who is working to ensure a balanced life for their child.
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    Violence In Video Games And Shows, Why Should We Care?


    Everyone knows that many young people play video games based on violent themes, and that shows have far more violence than when adults were kids. When COVID hit, many parents started to allow their kids to play games that they wouldn't have before COVID just because it has been such a source of connection and whatnot.  In today’s episode, Dr. Ruston wants to understand what are the ways that this violence impacts our youth. We hear from one of Dr. Ruston’s favorite researchers in this area, Douglas Gentile, Ph.D., a child psychologist who has been doing groundbreaking research in this field for over 25 years.
  • Screenagers Podcast podcast

    Tips From A Therapist Of Teens With Problematic Tech Use


    These days Dr. Ruston hears parents’ concerns around all the video gaming their kids are doing — as well as social media and other screen time.  Some are worried about the risks of them developing an addiction to technology. Today, Dr. Ruston talks with show Ed Spector,  Psy.D., a psychologist who has specialized in working with young people who are struggling with problematic video gaming and the internet for over a decade.  What is gaming disorder, and why do roughly 50% of teens report feeling addicted to technology? Most importantly, what strategies does Dr. Spector use with his clients that can help all parents help their kids gain more balance in their tech lives, particularly now during COVID?
  • Screenagers Podcast podcast

    Inoculating Youth With The Truth About Vaccines


    False information about vaccines has been around before social media, but now it can spread that much faster. The results have been deadly. We all want safe and effective vaccines against COVID.  Today Dr. Ruston breaks down some of the false information around vaccines, explores amazing vaccine history, and relates this all to COVID. We also hear from kids and from a renowned vaccine researcher, Dr. Parker Small.

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