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Introducing Crash Course Pods: The Universe

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No, your eyes and ears don't deceive you - this is, in fact, a super special cross-feed treat from our friends over at Crash Course in the form of the first episode of their brand new show, "Crash Course Pods: The Universe." Hosted by novelist John Green and astrophysicist Dr. Katie Mack, "The Universe" is a podcast about the history of the entire universe, from its explosive beginnings to its mysterious, but inevitable, end. In this first episode Dr. Mack walks John through the Big Bang and the very first micro-moments of the universe, and some of the ways that that ancient event is actually still connected to us, here, today. It's great, we really like it, we're really proud of the Crash Course team, and we thought you guys would also really enjoy the show! So to make it easy, we put the entire first episode right here! The rest of John and Dr. Mack's conversation will cover 11 episodes airing every other week on the Crash Course YouTube channel at or wherever you get your podcasts. Give it a listen, and we hope you enjoy!

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