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Oops, all science this episode! Erstwhile editorial assistant Deboki Chakravarti steps in for erstwhile everyman Sam Schultz as we parse through fundamental puzzles about humanity: what makes us, us, and if it is hormones, does that make us cocktails or cauldrons?

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[Truth or Fail]

[Trivia Question]

Hormone-injected Judas goats to kill invasive species in Project Isabella

[Fact Off]

Bones make osteocalcin, which might be a hormone involved in stress reactions

Chrononutrition and breast milk hormones training babies’ circadian rhythms

[Ask the Science Couch]

Hormones (vs. neurotransmitters) and how they affect emotions










Puberty in general

[Butt One More Thing]

Golden spiny mice poop hormones show that they've evolved to be nocturnal (even though they can be diurnal)

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