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It's the long-awaited cheese-stravaganza! And it's every bit as melty, crumbly, stretchy, and stinky as hoped for. We dip into some fetamology, we stretch our nokkeledge of cheese applications, and we unwrap the shocking tartrutho about a cheese we thought we knew!*

*The real cheese names I butchered into puns: feta, nokkelost, tartuffo. All delicious, go try some!

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[The Scientific Definition]

Cornish Yarg’s rind

Pule animal milk

Emmental cheese surroundings

[Trivia Question]

One of the oldest unopened cans of Cougar Gold cheese

[Fact Off]

Using cheese to study the neuroscience of disgust because it’s not dangerous/unethical

Environmental remediation in Emeryville, CA using cottage cheese whey

[Ask the Science Couch]

“Addictive” qualities of cheese (contextualizing casomorphin and the endogenous opioid system)

[Butt One More Thing]

Cheese mites are pests but also delicacies in Mimolette and Milbenkäse

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