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Halloween Special: Curses From Outer Space (Necro-Astrology) | Sasha Ravitch

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It's that time of year again!

And for the traditional Halloween special, we are joined by astrologer, witch and counsellor, Sasha Ravitch. Sasha joins us to talk about star spirits, astrology and the dead, and what sort of ancestral curses and blessings can show up in your natal chart.

Awesome stuff. 

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    Talking Depictions of Shamanism | Niles Heckman


    This week, we are joined by essayist and filmmaker, Niles Heckman. Among other things, Niles is the co-creator of the Shamans of the Global Village series. So we talk about that, obviously. And we also talk about creativity, filmmaking, the power of the essay format, as well as how -or if it's possible- to participate in cross-cultural learning in non-extractive ways. Great chat.  Enjoy! Show Notes Niles's website, podcast and blog. Watch Shamans of the Global Village. Trailer for Episode 1. Trailer for Episode 2.
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    Revisiting Archonology: Understanding Power and Conspiracy


    Continuing our revisitations this week, we turn to the archonology series -a long running exploration of power and conspiracy. And you know what? A lot of these have held up pretty well. I especially like how so many of the videos shared in the posts are now gone from YouTube, and how many links have died. It’s like burning the edges of a pirate map. Adds character. Enjoy! The Archonology Series Things That Persist: Archonology (Part 1). While We Pray For A Long Summer: Archonology (Part 2). Spook Tech: Archonology (Part 3). The Money: Archonology (Part 4). Collaborators: Archonology (Part 5). The Weapon of the Enemy: Archonology (Part 6). Knives in the Dark: Archonology (Part 7). Fate of Empires: Archonology (Part 8). Dispatches From The Front: Archonology (Part 9). Force Majeure: Archonology (Part 10). Listening to Demons: Archonology Redux. Pointing Out Devils: Archonology Redux. Section 31: Archonology Redux. The Syndicate: Archonology Redux. Offers Unrefused: Archonology Redux.
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    Talking Deck Creation and Fortune Telling | Colin Alexander


    A bumper episode this week and a veritable romp through the Fortune's Fools project as the finish line appears over the horizon. I was told going into a project like this that it would show up in your life in strange ways: seeing a cardiologist the week of the Heart card, having a friend lose is eyebrow ring at your house the week of the Ring card, taking ayahuasca the week of the Tree card. None of these things were planned out beforehand but if you read cards, you know these things tend to happen. They just seem a little extra when you're creating a deck. So artist extraordinaire Colin Alexander returns to the show in order to reminisce and commiserate on this wacky journey so far. This episode will probably work better as a video, but it still works audio only, especially if you want to download this large image of all the cards we discuss in the episode. Otherwise you can jump over to YouTube and watch it there. Enjoy! Show Notes Watch the episode on YouTube. Pre-order the cards and the book. Join the Fortune's Fools Telegram group. The Fortune's Fools playlist on Spotify. Colin on TikTok. Colin on Instagram.
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    Revisiting The World Without Sin: Reframing Censorship and Propaganda


    Continuing our whistle-stop tour of classic blog series, this time we revisit a term I lifted from the (pre-cancelled) Joss Whedon film, Serenity. It’s the term I use to better frame the totality of digital systems and social media in the context of how they see the world and what it is they seek to do to ours. For people who may be unaware, I had a career in digital media and publisher strategy before doing whatever it is you call what I’m doing now. And I’ve long been interested in that overlap between communication and magic. These posts weave all of that together. And it’s necessary to continue the revisitations with this series next, because it gives us the context for why probably the rest of the revisitations won’t be found on YouTube. "I'm Going To Show You A World Without Sin." The First World Without Sin. Worlds Jurassic and Without Sin. World Without Sin: Farming Spies. Blowing Filter Bubbles: World Without Sin. NOTE: Last week's revisitation didn't push out an MP3 file, so this week you are getting two. Add them together and it's almost a podcast!
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    Revisiting The Whisky Rant: The Pros and Cons of 'Alternate' History


    Based on some suggestions that came out of the recent solo show on the story of Rune Soup, I'm going to be revisiting the classic blog post series from back in the old timey bloggy days of yore. The first such series is The Whisky Rant: where the name came from, the benefits and shortcomings of alternate history, which UFOs are actual aliens and which of the various rants stood the test of time. For new people, this was a series that covered off all the exciting hits like ruins on Mars and the Moon, the location of Atlantis and my own version of the stoned ape hypothesis.
  • Rune Soup podcast

    Halloween Special: Curses From Outer Space (Necro-Astrology) | Sasha Ravitch


    It's that time of year again! And for the traditional Halloween special, we are joined by astrologer, witch and counsellor, Sasha Ravitch. Sasha joins us to talk about star spirits, astrology and the dead, and what sort of ancestral curses and blessings can show up in your natal chart. Awesome stuff.  Show Notes Sasha's website. Sasha's Linktree. Sasha's Instagram. Sasha's Twitter. Sasha's Patreon. AstroMagia conference website.
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    Talking Animist Herbalism | Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue


    This week, we welcome to the show author, teacher and herbalist, Seán Pádraig O'Donoghue. Seán joins us today to talk about his journey to animist herbalism, how he defines it, and what constitutes health in a living framework. Really good, timely stuff. Enjoy! Show Notes Seán's website, Otherworld Well. Seán's course, Holistic Pharmacology for Herbalists.
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    The Story of Rune Soup | Solo Show


    A long-overdue solo show this week, telling the story of Rune Soup from its beginnings as a blog in Bristol, through the books, through the development of the podcast, and the membership and the events and so on. At the end, there is also some discussion of where to next. Subscribe to Rune Soup on Rumble. Subscribe to Rune Soup on Odysee. Check out Fortune's Fools.
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    Talking Health Crises as Initiations | Ivy Bromius


    Author, magician, returning guest and friend, Ivy Bromius, joins us again this week on the occasion of the publication of her completely free book, The Cancer Grimoire. We talk about her experiences treating and overcoming cancer, blending allopathic and holistic methods, and finding meaning in our own health crises. An important discussion at the best of times. Probably more so now. Download the episode directly here or watch along on YouTube below. Show Notes Find everything Ivy has going on at Circle Thrice.
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    Talking Cancellation | Clementine and Jay from Fucking Cancelled


    This week, we are joined by the hosts of one of my very favourite podcasts, Fucking Cancelled. Clementine and Jay talk to us about their own journey to activism, through what they call the nexus -that toxic combination of social media bullying and neoliberal group thing- and out the other side to a genuine left they call 'socialism with freaky options'. Along the way we discuss what cancellation is, how old it is, why it works and whether or not its efficacy is fading. Super fun show with some super fun people! Show Notes Fucking Cancelled on Patreon. Fucking Cancelled on Libsyn. Fucking Cancelled on Instagram. Clementine's website. Clementine on Instagram. Jay on Instagram.

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