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Ep. 47—A Wallflower Christmas: Lisa Kleypas, Stop Threatening Us With a Good Time!

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Jingle bells! Jingle Bells! bells? You thought we had seen the last of winter? Not so fast, dear listeners, not so fast! The season for joyous festivities and rambunctious parties is here, and with it comes a marvelous Wallflowers reunion that is definitely worth enduring a few hours in a cold and uncomfortable carriage. Good news, we're staying here a while because we've finally reached the final stop on our Wallflowers journey. That's right, we made it to A Wallflower Christmas! Rafe, the arrogant and rash heir to the Bowman fortune, travels to London to meet Lady Natalie, the woman he is supposed to marry. Except… he's way more interested in Hannah, her lady companion. Too bad Hannah wants nothing to do with him. Not that that's ever gonna stop him, he's more than happy to change her mind. Of course, no Christmas celebration is complete without a healthy dose of drama and a scandal or two… Trigger warnings: mention of cheating, power imbalance, pregnancy, and fire. Book of the week: A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas Find us: E-mail—[email protected] Twitter—@theRTMpod Instagram—@romancingthemonsterspodcast TikTok—@Romancingthemonsterspod Find M: Instagram & Twitter—@foesandlovers Find S: Instagram & Twitter—@butthisbook Find Seff: Instagram & Twitter—@prosewithwoes Romancing the Monsters is a podcast that looks at the monster within: the shadow keeping the characters away from true and absolute happiness. This monster can be a prejudice, fear, insecurity, trauma and so on. We believe that romance novels are as much about one's personal journey as they are about finding love. After all, love makes us vulnerable and forces us to bare our monsters to another.

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